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a no-commitment monthly subscription to my library of business-building & income-scaling content & curriculums for online entrepreneurs

 did someone say... #bizflix? 

You've heard it 1000 times before--- that in order to manifest your biggest desires (AKA your purpose-driven & freedom-filled online biz), you're suppose to let go of the 'how'.


but here's the thing...

The (3D) reality is that it's awfully hard to build and scale a business that you've never built or scaled before

...and it's kind of impossible to know the marketing strategies, mindset work & energy practices of a 6-figure+ business when you don't actually have one (yet).

Create your sell-out course or coaching

High-level coaching programs can be super pricey, and buying course after course never to get all the pieces of the profitable biz puzzle, isn't always in the cards (or simply doesn't feel aligned for you).


The marketing strategy, energy work & know-how needed. All in one place, and all without breaking the bank, either.

  • Start, build and scale your email list with tons of qualified dream clients and audience members that will support your business for years to come

  • Launch and run an engaged and profitable Facebook group so you always have new potential clients entering your audience and people to launch your offers to

  • Develop your sell-out courses and coaching programs and learn how to launch them to tons of your dream participants

  • Create customized, scalable systems for attracting new people into your business and earning passive income with ease

  • Nail down your money-making niche and develop content and courses that people in it can't wait to buy from you

  • Become a pro at online training events (and how to build, advertise and execute them) that make connecting with and selling to those you're meant to serve, a total no-brainer

  • Build next-level confidence and conviction in yourself, your business and your offerings so it becomes easy to attract in the income you deserve & desire

  • Get every last piece of the 6-figure online business puzzle, all in one place, without investing your life's savings

if you're ready to...




a no-commitment monthly subscription to an extensive library of business-building resources


Have we met yet?

I'm Lauren. I'm a business mentor for passionate entrepreneurs wanting to scale to $5K, $10K and $20K+ months, and I've created a life of freedom for myself by implementing the principals and practices that will be covered in the 4 weeks of tW+tW.

I started my business with nothing short of iron-fisted determination. For the first 8 months however, that wasn't enough.

I was scraping by, throwing the proverbial spaghetti up against the wall and praying that something would stick.

In less than 6 months, I invested over $20,000 in coaches, courses and trainings, sure that my success was on the other side of finding whatever 'piece' was missing.

I hired coaches who were experts at strategy. I built beautiful funnels and sales pages and paid thousands for Facebook ads that didn't turn a profit.

Then, I focused on mindset. I enrolled in money mindset programs and manifestation courses that were surely to help me actually see a return on my investments, which were beginning to totally paralyze me.


It wasn't until I began understanding how to combine the two, align myself with my desired financial outcomes AND implement the strategies needed that things really began to shift for me. I went from averaging less than $1000/month to my first $15,000 month almost overnight, and I've been building content to help others do the same ever since.

Since then, my life has changed and evolved in drastic ways. I retired my first business so I could travel Italy for the winter while working exclusively online. I moved into my dream apartment and finally checked my white Mercedes off my many, many vision boards. I began hitting $20K months, and then experienced my first $25K, $27K and $34K months in the middle of a global pandemic.

My entire process, business model, marketing strategy and body of mindset work is all laid out inside the programs, courses, masterclasses and trainings that make up The Academy. So that YOU can get everything you need to build YOUR freedom-filled life & business, without spending tens of thousands only to be left *still* vital missing pieces of the success puzzle.

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Here's how it works...

The Academy exists to allow new and established online coaches and course creators to "rent" access to curricular content that would otherwise cost thousands to buy. From the moment you sign up, you're granted 30 days access (or 6 months, depending on the enrolment option you choose at checkout) to everything included in each of the courses, programs and trainings listed below.

You can easily cancel your subscription at any time (a link to do so is provided inside the confirmation email you'll get when you sign up) and access will automatically end 30 days from your last payment after you cancel.

Upon enrolling, you'll also receive a video directory outlining where to begin depending on your current business goals/income level, and how to navigate the content throughout your time inside The Academy.

Enrolment also includes lifetime access to The Academy community Facebook group, regardless of how long you stick around for, so that you can ask others questions and connect with those who are building and scaling their business right alongside you.

Your #BizFlix Subscription



The Vault is the exclusive home of two of my full-length coaching programs that are no longer available anywhere else. If you're looking for start-to-finish process and how-tos around building your business platform and mastering your money boss mindset, The Vault is the place to start.

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This is a retired curriculum from the first round of my mastermind, with 8 comprehensive modules covering each of the 4 success components: alignment, profitable offers, audience building and marketing strategy. If you're brand new to your business or are ready to systemize, this curriculum is the one for you.



The holy grail of money manifestation courses for business owners and entrepreneurs. This is my ONLY money mindset coaching program, now exclusively available inside The Academy.


Full-length courses including workbooks and accompanying templates will teach you the ins-and-outs of actually building your business: the developing sell-out offers, building your audience, nailing down your niche and mastering the art of aligning with your desired income level in the process.

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Having built multiple successful Facebook groups (one that single-handedly did over $80,000/year in sales), GROUPIES is as invaluable full-length program for the business owner ready to attract tons of qualified leads and eager clients ASAP.

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 4.38.55 PM.png


Three weeks to design & build a marketing funnel that will grow your list, audience and business on autopilot.

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Three days to dream up, design & build your sell-out course or coaching program.

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A 5-part curriculum to turn personal power into next-level profit, and manifest the belief & conviction of a 6-figure CEO.

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Three days to develop the message and branding that'll set you apart and level-up your influence and income in your online coaching business.


Money Makers Mindset Masterclass


A 75-minute mini-course (including accompanying workbook) on how to align yourself energetically with financial success as an entrepreneur.


Need to know how to build something, scale your income, or expand your reach in your business? You can bet your a$$ I've got a training on it included inside The Academy. Use these as go-to guides and for brushing-up on your expertise when your energy, conviction or know-how needs tweaking.

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5 Days of 5-figure Launch Tips


A 5-part training on the money-making mindset hacks, marketing strategy & launch plan you need to sell-out any online course or coaching program.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 2.29.34 PM.png


A 75-minute training covering the strategy behind launching, scaling & promptly profiting from your soul-aligned Facebook Community.

Screen Shot 2021-06-18 at 2.40.32 PM.png


The key mindset & marketing strategies you need to implement for a 5-figure course or program launch.

Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 5.11.05 PM.png


A 90-minute training covering how to build 6-figure belief behind your course or program launch, and stay in the confidence & conviction that'll call in tons of high-ticket, dream participants.

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Manifest Your 6-Figure Business


The idea development, mindset work and effective strategy behind scaling to a 6-figure online business quickly.

Profitable AF Sales Pages.png

Profitable AF Sales Pages
(Coming Soon)


An up-coming mini-course (delivered in the next 2 months) on how to write, design & build crazy profitable sales pages for your trainings, courses and programs.

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A 5-day livestream series outlining the key mistakes I made while building my business, and what I'd do differently if I could start all over again, and build faster than ever before.



A five-day livestream series, busting through the top money myths in order to start making more money in your business, A-S-A-P.

The Aligned Business Directory

Choose Your Business Objective...

(and I'll tell you where to go inside The Academy to accomplish it)

Soon-To-Be 6-Figure Biz Newbie (Getting Started)

Start either with one of the two different 6-figure business trainings (What I'd Do Differently and Manifest Your 6-Figure Business), or with The Aligned Mastermind curriculum and work your way through the 8 modules. Identity work (alignment/mindset) --> developing your course & program offers --> building your audience --> implementing your customized and effective marketing strategy. From there, dive into launch specifics with the How to Execute a 5-Figure Launch followed by 5 Days of 5-Figure Launch Tips to launch your business, offers and income into the stratosphere by scaling up from the foundation you've just built.

Aligning With (Way) Mo' Money, Honey

Start with the Money Makers Mindset Masterclass to experience an immediate up-level in your money manifestation abilities. From there, dive into the Money Boss Challenge and/or Money Boss Academy to not only skyrocket your money manifesting abilities, but to let go of resistance and skyrocket your conviction as a soon-to-be 6-figure CEO.

Building Boss Belief/Confidence

Luminary. Luminary all day, every day. It's time to step into your power and inherent worthiness like never before. The 5 days of Luminary will have you radiating confidence in yourself, your offers and your ability to scale your business from the inside, out by removing what's in the way of your natural and innate badass-ness. More power, more profit. Period.

Finding Your Peeps (Scaling Your Audience)

GROUPIES is the 7-week comprehensive curriculum for those wanting to leverage the scaling power of Facebook groups to quickly grow their audience and income, regularly priced at $997 (you can also watch Packed & Profitable Facebook Groups for the jumpstart version). Not into Facebook? No problem. The 'Audience' section of The Aligned Mastermind has got you covered. I'd also recommend diving into FUNnels 101 for building your automated email list and Luminary for aligning with more influence & attracting your dream people without lifting a finger.

Developing Your Awesome Sell-Out Offers

The Cyber CEO is one of my most popular courses because it breaks down my ENTIRE start-to-finish process for dreaming up, designing and structuring any paid training, group course/coaching program or private mentorship you could wish to offer in your business. Complete with 3 comprehensive workbooks, you'll go from not having an idea, to designing from the ground-up a super scalable and in-demand course or program that your people can't wait to get their hands on, inside the 3 modules that make up the curriculum.

Want to dive in further? Check out the 2-part "Offers" component inside The Aligned Mastermind.

Mastering Your Million-Dollar Message

Your Rich Niche is a course on nailing down what you offer and to who, that's unlike any other. Now exclusively available inside The Academy, this 3-part course breaks down how to determine and develop the niche, offers and messaging that'll set YOU apart in the online space, and draw your dream clients to you with ease. The case study interview and 2 live coaching calls included in Your Rich Niche, make it a hands-on course that's unlike any other course I've built before.

To go deeper, check out Lesson #1 of 2 inside the "Offers" component of The Aligned Mastermind curriculum.

Building All The Things

FUNnels 101 will give you the tech run-down on how to set up the tech-side of your audience growth strategy, and includes 4 different tech tutorials on which softwares I recommend (landing pages and email software) and how to set them up once and earn from them forever (automation-- so hot right now).

The Cyber CEO will lay out the specifics of how to build and host your online courses for free, including my recommendations for the best payment software options and hosting platforms.

Lastly, Profitable AF Sales Pages (being added to The Academy before the end of August, 2021) will give you the run-down of building out your website pages and how to not only become a master at writing powerful sales copy, but how to make everything look super snazzy, well-branded and professional, too.

Something else you're wanting help with? Message me on Instagram (@laurencsaunders) and I'll tell you where you can find out how to master it inside The Academy.

Create your sell-out course or coaching





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 Monthly Subscription 

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Get $111 OFF your monthly subscription (including all future payments) if you sign up before July 30th at 10PM ET using code "BIZFLIX" at checkout.

**You can easily unsubscribe anytime no questions asked (link provided in confirmation email). Access to content will end 30 days from the day of your last payment following cancellation

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Get $555 OFF your bi-yearly subscription (including all future payments) if you sign up before July 30th at 10PM ET using code "BIZFLIX" at checkout.

**You can easily unsubscribe anytime no questions asked (link provided in confirmation email). Access to content will end 6 months from the day of your last payment following cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't started my business yet, is The Academy a good fit for me?

YES! The Academy is the perfect place to start if you've been getting ready to dive in, and are ready to go all-in with your freedom-filled business. Everything you need to build out and scales each component of your online business is inside this very unique container, and you can access it all without breaking the bank.

I'm already making money in my business but am looking to scale. Will the curriculums included help me do that?

Absolutely. Filled with customizable and scalable processes for expanding on your audience, message, offers and income, there's nothing you won't be able to up-level inside The Academy. Ready to put systemized processes in place to transition away from your 1:1 business model and start living the passive income dream? I've got you covered on that front, too.

Does this include any coaching or support from you?

No, this is a self-paced offer where you can work through the content that you need, as you need it. Upon signing up, I'll direct you to the introduction video and content directory, with pointers on how to navigate the different curriculums to best suit you and your business goals. You'll also gain lifetime access to The Academy community Facebook group (regardless of how long you stay subscribed for) so that you can learn from, support and build alongside your fellow Academy members.

Do I get to keep the workbooks I download after I cancel my subscription?

Yes. Any accompanying materials that are down-loadable (everything excluding the video modules themselves) are yours to download, take notes on, and keep forever. Just be sure to save them somewhere for easy future referencing!

Is it hard to cancel? What if I only want to join for a month?

Cancelling your subscription takes less than a minute and you can easily do it on your own by following the cancellation link (which can also be used to update your payment information should you need to) that will be provided in your confirmation email and the Facebook group description. Should you only wish to join for a month (or one 6-month period via the bi-yearly option above) you can immediately cancel your future payments and enjoy the time you've paid for inside the membership. Access will automatically end at the end of your billing period (30 days or 6 months from the date of your last payment).

If I grab one of the early bird spots for $111 off, does the discount apply for future monthly payments too?

Yes! But only as long as you keep the subscription active. If you cancel, you won't be able to get back into the membership for the same amount in the future.

I have more questions, can I contact you first?

Of course! Either send me a text or voice note on Instagram (@laurencsaunders) or send me an email at

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