Passion to Profit

A 12-week business program for coaches and consultants to create and launch their premium signature offering and gain

their first 3-5 high-ticket clients with Lauren Saunders.

Are you a new coach or consultant with a dream of building time and financial freedom online while empowering and inspiring others to live their best lives? Your  dreams are 100% POSSIBLE, even if:

  • You worry you don’t have enough knowledge or experience to charge premium prices for your coaching services.

  • You LOVE the idea of building a virtual business that allows you to make money completely on your terms but have no idea where to start.

  • You are unsure about how to create a best-selling signature offer and even more unsure about commanding premium prices for it.

  • You spending hours every week creating free content and hustling on social media, but feeling like you’re just not generating enough leads.

  • Maybe you lack confidence when it comes to presenting yourself as a knowledgeable and reputable coach/consultant?

Did you answer yes to any of the questions above?

Then this program was designed for you.

I've put together this 12-week "Design Your Signature Offering & Attract High-Ticket Clients" program to accelerate your business growth and help you avoid the time-consuming and costly guess-work that most new coaches and consultants go through.


  • Skip over the months and years of guess-work and put your time and effort into ONLY where it counts and launch (or re-launch) a highly-profitable coaching business in the next 12-weeks?

  • ​Package your unique skills and expertise into a premium-priced, signature program that was irresistible to your ideal clients?

  • Live a life of time and financial freedom while making a difference with people who are committed to building a life they absolutely LOVE?

  • Find out why you should be charging premium prices NOW and by doing so, hit your monthly income goals sooner than you ever thought possible!

  • Build your confidence as a desirable and results-driven coach/consultant and ditch the time-consuming social media hustle?

  • Ditch the nine-to-five J-O-B (Just-Over-Broke) and live a life of purpose, passion and abundance?

Imagine you're already running your DREAM online business. A business that allows you to live life on YOUR terms, while impacting and inspiring countless others to do the same. I promise you, IT'S CLOSER THAN YOU THINK (even if you've been banging your head against the wall for years trying to figure it out-- or have never signed a single client!).

Hustling on social media, discounting your time and your programming in an effort to convert more leads into customers (or not finding leads at all!) and keeping yourself in vicious cycle of doubt and uncertainty is NOT your story. Whether you already have an idea or offer or are just getting started, I'm here to show you EXACTLY how to leverage your expertise and package your unique skills in a way that will have amazing clients begging to work with you. The success you desire is yours will the right tools, guidance and know-how.

Here's the hard truth:



...and will likely burn out before ever turning a profit.

(and it doesn't have to be this way)



What if you could turn your business around (or start if you haven't yet) simply by understanding how to price, position and package the skills and expertise you already have in a way that makes you the irresistible go-to choice to your niche market?

The truth is, there are people everywhere WAITING for what YOU can offer them, conveniently packaged into an easily-consumable "Signature Offer" that feeds both your soul's purpose and your bank account.

The E-Learning industry is projected to be a $325 BILLION industry by 2025, and you deserve to be a part of it. The only piece you're missing is how to make what you have to offer available to people who need it and are ready to invest.

You CAN quickly create the business of your dreams around a premium-priced, signature offer that attracts amazing, high-ticket clients and skyrockets your success.



        (I went from $0 and having not the first clue about what I was doing, to a 6-figure income inside of a year, and most of that was          spent wasting my time on all the wrong things!)



       (I didn't either... until I learned how to effectively package and market the skills I already had)


        (You wouldn't be here if you didn't have something valuable to offer, and I can show you the rest;))


Passion to Profit

A 12-week business program for coaches and consultants to create and launch their premium signature offering, attract consistent 

high-ticket clients, skip all the time-consuming and costly guess-work, and finally build the life of your dreams.


  • Because you know you have so much more to offer, and you know you can make a real difference with people, if only you knew how to effectively get your message across.

  • Because you dream of a life of abundance and possibility, and one where you're excited to wake up on a Monday morning and get to work with your amazing clients.

  • Because there are thousands out there who are desperate to learn from your unique set of skills, knowledge and experiences, and I'm here to help you make that happen.


  • The course is comprised of a 12-week, step-by-step process in which the "how-to" of designing, pricing, marketing and positioning both your signature offer and your online presence

  • Each week you will be guided through a new step, with 1:1 support to ensure your offer, brand and message is everything your ideal client could possibly want

  • By removing the time consuming guess-work and focusing your efforts only where it counts, you will have a high-ticket offer that will be irresistible to clients, and will allow you to build your business on a foundation of knowledge, experience and proven marketing strategies

STEP 1: Passion & Personality -- Establishing Your Niche

The MOST important place to start building you coaching empire from. If you haven't done this yet, or haven't done it properly, your business will suffer dearly.

In week 1, we will work together to establish EXACTLY who you want to work with, and what specific outcomes you can provide for your clients that are highly valuable to your niche market. Too many coaches/consultants try to attract as many clients as possible by painting themselves as a "general" coach. This is hugely costly and is likely the MAIN reason you don't yet have a thriving online business.

STEP 2: The Problem -- Market Your Results, Not Your Time

Stop charging for your hours-- this creates a CEILING on your income potential and time freedom, and makes it 100X harder to actually attract the clients you want.

In week 2, you will be guided through the process of focusing your skills, knowledge and experience into THE question that 6- and 7-figure coaches ask themselves constantly. What are the RESULTS I can cause my clients to get, how will these results change their life and what is the cost of them not getting these results? This module is about helping you to realize just how valuable you are as a coach by flushing out exactly what sets you apart in a busy marketplace. Even if right now you don't think you have anything significant to offer! (I promise you, you do!)

STEP 3: Program & Price -- Designing Your High-Ticket Offering

The foundation for your business's success- designing a killer signature offering is the key to designing the life of your DREAMS.

This is where the fun begins! Now that you've established your niche, we get to package everything up in a high-consumable package. Programs can be 1:1, completely automated or a hybrid; whatever suits you, your clients, your message and your schedule best! Your signature offering will be a reflection of YOU, and we will design and build it in a way that both allows you to feel hugely confident in yourself, AND become irresistible to the most committed and high-ticket clients.

STEP 4: Pages -- Resources, Website & Online Presence

Now that you have your program, niche and expert-status down flat, we will build everything else that you need to support and SELL your offering without wasting time or effort where it isn't needed.

In week 4, we figure out exactly what you need to pump your business and your program UP and effectively communicate your message. A simple but effective website, social media presence, resources required for your program (if applicable)

STEP 5: Pages Pt. 2 -- Copies, CRM & Email Sequence

Webinars are the number ONE lead-generating tool, and creating an engaging and effective webinar that spikes mega interest in your coaching program is easy if you know the what, the how and the why.

THE most important skill to acquire when it comes to attracting unlimited new leads-- COPY. You will be writing your "copy" (advertising text) in a way that catches the attention of your desired clients and has them desperate to get started working with you. Copy will be used on your website, in your social media (if you have social media- it's not necessary for everyone), online advertisements, webinars and email funnels. You NEED to know HOW to talk about your program and your business in a way that brings you MEGA leads. (If you're not doing this effectively  your email inbox likely has tumbleweeds rolling through it;))

STEP 6: Profit -- How To Convert Desirable Leads Into Excited Customers

No "sales calls" here. If you're providing true value to your ideal clients and know HOW to communicate effectively, there's nothing to sell and no "convincing" to do.

Week 5 is about mastering the art of "enrolment and registration" conversations. The best and most successful sales people aren't selling at all- they're using effective communication skills to really get in their client's world and help them to see what's possible. This step is VITAL for turning interested leads into excited and committed clients, and this skill will transform not only your business, but other areas of your life as well. If you're good at getting leads but not good at signing new clients, THIS is the missing piece and it's unique to this program.

STEP 7: Push -- Attract Amazing Clients Using Webinars

Webinars are the number ONE lead-generating tool, and creating an engaging and effective webinar that spikes mega interest in your coaching program is easy if you know the what, the how and the why.

 In week 7, you'll be creating a webinar that will effortlessly attract the people you most desire to work with. We'll discuss the exact systems and strategies for not only building your webinar, but for hosting it too, and you'll get to watch as this tool completely transforms your business.


STEP 8: Facebook Ads (1/3) -- The Art of Writing Ads that Convert

A single well-written and properly targeted Facebook Ad can bring you hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue over time.

 In week 8, we will work together to write three different Facebook Ads that best speak to your niche market and communicate your program to those who could benefit from it. Over the course of the next 4 weeks, we will work to optimize your ads and leave you with one or two high-converting ads that will set your business up for huge success.

STEP 9: Facebook Ads (2/3) -- Posting & Pixels

Having an ad that PERFORMS is absolutely key to your success.

 In week 9 we set up your tracking pixels so that we can properly monitor your ads and your sales funnel performance after posting the ads and targeting them to your niche market. The first week that the ads are online, we post 3 different ads to best compare what's going to work and what won't. Every other day you fill out a a spreadsheet that allows us to see exactly how your niche is responding to your message and offer.

STEP 10: Facebook Ads (2/3) -- Ad Optimization

Having an ad that PERFORMS is absolutely key to your success.

 In week 10 we closely monitor your Facebook Ads and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you have 1-2 ads that are bringing you a minimum of 3-4 sales calls each and every week. This is a trial-and-error process that varies from niche-to-niche, but with the proper monitoring, proven strategy implementation and 1:1 support, we're able to ensure your success by tweaking your ad copy, image, target audience and headline until it consistently and predictably fills your funnel with new leads week after week.

STEPS 11 & 12: Facebook Ads (3/3) -- Ad & Program Optimization

Trial and error is everything! These two weeks are a chance to tweak your business model and change anything that isn't performing at an optimal level.

 In weeks 11 and 12 we focus on tweaking the program, your sales call, marketing funnel and Facebook Ad to ensure everything is operating smoothly and that you're producing consistent leads through your funnel. As an entrepreneur, much of your success will come from gathering feedback and experience, and using it to improve your business. These two final weeks are a chance for you to get everything running smoothly and be left with a successful business that essentially runs on autopilot. We will also talk about next steps for your business, the goals you want to start working towards and how you can keep moving forward with or without a coach.

BUT that's not all-- I strongly believe that a hugely successful online business MUST be built on a foundation of confidence and integrity. I've taken YEARS of self-development courses, read hundreds of books, watched countless webinars and worked with numerous coaches, and have developed a real understanding of exactly what it takes to become the type of entrepreneur who can set BIG goals and hit them without breaking a sweat.

It wouldn't be enough for me just to give you the business "how-tos" without also going into detail about exactly what I've done to build the confidence it takes to be one serious, Badass Boss Babe.


Over the course of the 12-weeks, you will:

  • Build your confidence quickly and KNOW just what you are capable of, while gaining control over the doubt that so often leads us to self-sabotage.

  • Learn the daily structures and practices I personally use to rev up my potential and blast through my own blocks and insecurities.

  • Get instant access to a pre-program bonus module that sums up everything I've learned and implemented that has made my success not only a possibility, but a certainty.

If you're someone who often allows yourself to feel overwhelmed or inadequate, this bonus module could be the difference between staying in your comfort zone for the rest of your life, and blowing past your biggest income and business goals.

Here's What You'll Get:

  • Weekly action-oriented and results-specific modules that include workbooks and automated video training, that will allow you to work at your own pace while building (or rebuilding) your high-ticket offer and business from the ground up, and piecing together a marketing funnel that brings you regular new clients. I'll share everything you need to know to skip the overwhelm and build an online business with unlimited income potential in as little as 8-12 weeks

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching calls and unlimited email communication with me so that you're never left in the dark or feeling alone on your journey to virtual business bliss. We'll work TOGETHER to build your signature offering to be irresistible to clients, and suit you, your schedule and your goals straight out of the gate.

  • Weekly assignments that tell you exactly what to do, how and when to do it. The time consuming and costly guess-work ends HERE! Ditch the hamster wheel and fast-track your success with my fool-proof system.

  • Mindset tools and training that will have you leave behind your limiting beliefs, vicious circles of self-sabotage and the blocks and barriers that are keeping your abundance from manifesting. THIS PART IS HUGE!

Growing up and throughout my twenties, I invested my time into COUNTLESS business pursuits on the side of my teaching career. Often named "queen of the side-hustle", my friends and family loved to joke around about my numerous creative pursuits in an effort to find fulfillment and a life of endless possibilities. I had a dream of being a successful entrepreneur; free to spend my time doing what I loved to do while making a killing doing it.


I started numerous Etsy shops selling homemade jewellery and custom artwork, spent a year growing a multi-level marketing business, wrote and self-published a 200-page weight loss ebook and grew an online following of close to 20,000 people. After moving to Toronto and getting a part-time teaching job, I also built an at-home aesthetics business that further fed my desperate desire to work full-time for myself.


After years of searching and experimenting, I finally got clear on what I really wanted to do. I started my coaching business working with online entrepreneurs and attracted some leads here and there, but it was inconsistent and I figured I was looking at years of growing my brand before I'd be able to coach full-time. I LOVED helping others to discover what's possible and coaching was a natural fit for me. HOWEVER I spent hours creating free resources, Youtube videos and blog posts in an attempt to grow my social media platforms and attract more clients. I didn't know how to charge what I wanted to charge, and I was afraid I'd never find enough clients. I lacked confidence, and my trial-and-error tactics lead me to months of doubting myself. In truth, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I had very limited free time and a TON of fears and insecurities. My business growth was almost non-existent and began to lose hope.

BUT THEN... once I finally ponied-up and STOPPED trying to figure it out on my own, my business, income and life changed so quickly that I'm still dealing with the whip-lash from it;). As it turned out, I was extremely knowledgeable and I could offer amazing clients guaranteed results that they would pay a premium for, I just didn’t know how to package and market my program in a way that drew new clients in on a regular basis. I worked with a coach who helped me quickly learn everything I had been doing wrong, and my coaching business exploded within a matter of a couple months.

NOW I help other coaches and consultants get their high-earning businesses started (in JUST 6 short weeks) without the months or years spent "throwing the spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks". YOU are here for a reason and you are ready to claim your purpose and success. My biggest piece of advice is to stop GUESSING what you should be doing to get started, and instead learn from high-earning industry professionals who will get you from where you are to where you want to be in a fraction of the time.


I get it. It's scary making moves that are far outside of your comfort zone. But I assure you, you didn't end up here by accident. Deep down, you KNOW the life you want for yourself, and you KNOW that you're capable of building it while making a real difference with countless others. BIG success, that includes time and financial freedom while serving your soul's purpose does NOT come without taking some scary leaps. I had years invested in avoiding risk and taking small steps in the general direction of what I wanted. I dreamt of a life of possibility and PURPOSE, but felt like I was getting nowhere. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. My desired financial outcome came only a couple short months after I hired my first real premium-priced and "serious about getting some kickass results" business coach, who pushed me to really GO FOR IT. To stop living inside my comfort zone and really put something on the line for the life I wanted. The words she said to me that ultimately had me take the leap were "I'm only interested in working with clients who see their success as a non-negotiable." I knew in my heart that I was one of those clients. Deciding to pay the big bucks and make her my coach resulted in a 5-figure income the MONTH that I launched my signature offering. I got super serious about achieving crazy success and FAST, and I declared myself as "officially unavailable for any other outcome".


I knew what I was capable of, and it was finally my time to get out there and get it done. With the right structure and support from someone who had already done it, my doubts fell away and my success became a certainty. Suddenly I had possibilities available to me that had NEVER been available to me before, and I truly started producing results that most people would deem as being impossible.

The best part? It wasn't even all that hard.


Once I removed the guess-work and implemented a fail-proof plan with the right support, hitting and surpassing my crazy business goals was merely just a matter of time. And YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THIS TOO.

It's time to step into your power, gorgeous!


To make big change, we first have to acknowledge and leave behind what doesn't work. Stop trying to go it along while compromising your dreams. The trial-and-error method is expensive, and most new coaches burn out before turning a profit. This doesn't have to be you. You can have anything you want if you're serious enough about making it happen, and I get the absolute honour of helping to turn your deepest desires into a reality.

Hiring a coach was the BEST thing that ever happened to my business; it helped me blast through my doubts and fears and quickly learn the insider secrets to achieving SERIOUS results as an online business coach. I know what works and I'm committed to using my own experience to put you on the fast-track to ditching the 9-5 and creating a life you've only dreamt of.

I live to empower other women through building life-changing businesses while knocking their income goals out of the park in a matter of months. AND IT'S FUN! Once you know exactly what to do and how to do it, building your empire stops being a job and starts being your favourite part of the day.

SO... are you ready to:

  • Instantly build your confidence and expertise as a high-earning and results-producing coach/consultant?

  • Skip over months or years worth of trial-and-error, overwhelm and disappointment?

  • Know exactly how to attract amazing and committed clients who are eager to work with you?

  • Create a life on your own terms and completely by your own design?

  • Set crazy goals and actually see them come to life? No more waiting, THIS IS YOUR TIME.


Frequently Asked Questions


Yes! all of the video modules, slide decks and provided resources/checklists are yours to keep and reference for as long as you like. You can use this course over again the next time you decide to build upon your existing program or design another one altogether.


YES! Passion to Profit was designed specifically to jump-start your lucrative coaching business with proven strategies while saving you TONS of wasted time and money investing in what DOESN'T work. Consider: what is the cost of NOT jumping in to my business with two feet and getting started in a powerful and intentional way? How much longer can I survive the confusion and overwhelm of not knowing where to spend my time? This course grants you not only success, expertise and confidence, but also peace of mind.


While it is recommended that you set aside time each week to get through the course material, the program is not hard, because the guess-work has been removed entirely. I will tell you EXACTLY what to do and how to do it, and all you need to do is be committed to your vision and ready to go after your dreams.


I know exactly what its like to be a new coach with big goals and aspirations, but feel like I have NO idea if what I'm doing will get me to where I want to be. "Passion to Profit" has been developed to specifically help new coaches and consultants jumpstart their business, reach their goals in a fraction of the time and do it all without burning out or spending excessive amounts of money. The systems I'm going to teach you are simple, intuitive and scalable.

Furthermore, this program is ACTION ORIENTED and designed to get you to where you want to be QUICKLY, meaning you will see big things start happening in a very short period of time.


Obviously I can't promise a specific level of income by a specific date, as success relies solely on the individual and their level of commitment.

That being said, big success comes to those who make big moves, and your income level will be decided by how quickly you get in the game. While I can't do the work for you, I will be there with you every step of the way. As with anything in life, you get out what you choose to put in.


You could, of course! But, the reality is that working with someone who has already done the heavy-lifting by spending years getting clear on what works and what doesn't when it comes to finding success as an entrepreneur, will be the difference between reaching your goals quickly (and YES that includes leaving your 9-5, working form anywhere in the world, being able to afford the abundant life you truly want) and continuing to go it alone, taking the risk that may never get you to where you want to be. I've packaged everything I know into an action & results-oriented program that saves you the time, money and headache.


Make it easy on yourself and grab the step-by-step system with both hands, or continue to painfully piece it together by trial and error. Coaches need coaches too! You weren't meant to go it alone!


You will receive an email from me with a link to the course details and weekly modules (which you can get started on right away) and my calendar, where you can book in your first 1:1 call with me. I've laid it all out for you, but in case you have any questions you can always contact me via email.


No. I only work with the clients who are SERIOUS about creating the life and business of their dreams. My clients are committed, coachable and ready to win. There are limited spots available in the program each month and not everyone I talk to ends up being the right fit. During your discovery call we will talk about your goals, expectations and how ready you are to make the change, and decide from there if Passion to Profit is the program for you!


Why ME?

Here's My Story...

I was 27 years old, living with my parents for 6-months after having moved home from 3 years of teaching Special Education in Australia. I found myself neck-deep in the daunting process of applying for teaching jobs in a part of the world where there really are no teaching jobs available. The idea of working for the next 5 years to get a permanent teaching position gave me severe anxiety (and I'm not generally an anxious person) especially considering that deep down, I knew I didn't really want to be a teacher. I spent years trying to "want" that life for myself; one of security and predictability, but it's just not who I am.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot to be grateful for in a teaching career, but I was quickly realizing how badly I wanted a life of possibility and unlimited abundance. I wanted freedom, passion and aliveness NOW, not when I retired at the age of 65. I had a couple of friends who made full-time incomes (some of them earning multiple 5-figures a month) in various ways online, and I longed for a life like the ones they had created for themselves. I wanted to make a BIG IMPACT, and know that I was truly living my purpose.

©copyright 2018 by Lauren Saunders