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Design Your Signature Offer & Sign 3-5 New Clients In The Next 12 Weeks

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During the webinar I discuss the time-consuming and costly mistakes most new coaches and consultants make when it comes to launching a program and business that QUICKLY grants them the purpose, time and financial freedom they desire.

I'll show you exactly how to position, package and price your offer to be irresistible to ideal potential clients who are committed, ready and willing to invest in themselves.

A taste of what we'll cover:

  • How to use your existing skillset to build an in-demand coaching program that will effortlessly attract and convert desirable new clients.

  • Why packaging your skills into a high-ticket "signature offering" will fast-track your success, establish you as a go-to expert and help you to quickly reach your goals.

  • The psychology behind premium-priced coaching programs, and why charging by the hour serves neither you nor your clients.

  • How to completely skip over the months (or years) of costly guess-work/social media hustle that most coaches go through before discovering these 3 key secrets to building the high-earning virtual business of their dreams.

  • How to instantly boost your confidence as a coach by ensuring each of your clients gets life-changing (and premium-priced) results from working with you.

Join the group IF:

  • You're a motivated fempreneur who's ready to make shit happen in your life and business

  • You love all things mindset and Law of Attraction

  • You value community, support and guidance

  • You're committed to making your dreams a reality and won't stop until you get there

  • You know you're meant to live out your passion and purpose, and are looking for some fellow boss ladies to help you make it happen

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