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About the Group

EntreprenHers is a Facebook group and community for like-minded spiritual entrepreneurial women who are looking for support, accountability and tools & insights on the path to realizing their biggest business dreams. The purpose of the group is to provide a safe and creative space for women to share themselves while gaining support, inspiration and building friendships/collaboration opportunities

Please complete all questions before being approved to join the group so we know what you're up to in the world and how to best support you and your dreams!!

Join this group IF:

       You're a motivated fempreneur who's ready to make shit happen in your life and business

       You love all things mindset and Law of Attraction

       You value community, support and guidance

       You're committed to making your dreams a reality and won't stop until you get there

       You know you're meant to live out your passion and purpose, and are looking for some fellow boss            ladies to help you make it happen

Self-promotion is permitted in this group and we love to see what others are up to! Just stick to the 80/20 rule-- 80% contribution and connection, 20% promotion.

entreprenHers Group Rules & Conditions

We want to keep the entreprenHers group atmosphere a positive and uplifting one for every member, and in order to make this happen, we have created some group rules to ensure that posts and interactions taking place within the group are high-vibe and high-quality. By joining the group, you agree to the group rules as listed below.

1. Keep it happy & high-energy. Support & encourage one another, that's what the group exists for. ANY demeaning or negative posts/comments will be removed immediately and the original poster banned from the group without question. We're here ONLY to uplift one another and reach our goals together.

2. Share VALUE. You are welcome and encouraged to share tips & tricks, success stories, law of attraction/mindset techniques and messages of inspiration and encouragement as often as you like. Please remember that promotional content must be limited to Thursday's Promo Thread. All other promotional content will be removed, and this includes images with your website or IG handle displayed on them.

3. Self-promotion is permitted in this group and we love to see what others are up to! Just stick to the 80/20 rule-- 80% contribution and connection, 20% promotion. Please DO NOT post products such as makeup etc, as this is off-topic. Invitations to join your MLM business will also be removed as it can overwhelm the thread and turn people off.

4. Stay ON TOPIC. Appropriate post topics include mindset & manifestation, business tips, success stories, positivity etc. Please no makeup, hair tips, beauty hacks etc. These posts are irrelevant and will be removed.

5. Please do not ask for money or charity donations. This group is about EMPOWERING women entrepreneurs and while we want to support you with wherever you're at and whatever you're up to, asking for money turns people away and lowers the energy in the group.

6. Friend requests, page like requests and DM-ing people within the group to buy your products or join your business is strictly forbidden. If people are interested in what you have to offer, they will contact you directly. Members using this group to pack new MLM team members will be banned.

7. No complaining or ranting through public posts. This is a group of POSITIVITY and empowerment. If you have an issue with a group member, please contact them directly. If you feel another group member is breaking the rules/posting inappropriate content, please message an admin with a link to the post in question.

8. Do NOT message group admins asking why your post was deleted. If it was, please come back to these rules and re-read them to determine why your post was deleted.


*Please note that Lauren will break these rules from time to time if she feels there is something promotional of value to share with the group members and deems in appropriate including upcoming group coaching programs and opportunities for collaboration, etc.



If you have read and agree to all above conditions, we are thrilled to welcome you to the "entreprenHers: high-vibe women who mean business" Facebook group and community and we look forward to your contribution and watching you work towards and realize your biggest business goals! You can join below by answering the questions provided upon requesting to join.

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