Jump-Start Business Coaching Program


This program provides coaching clients with a structure that allows them to develop their business idea, product or service, and put an effective structure in place to bring their idea to fruition. At this stage, some clients are not yet sure what they would like to create, but they know they are an entrepreneur at heart. We work backwards from your desired outcomes (where do you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year?) and design a strategic and customized 2-month action plan that will set you up powerfully to reach your goals. 

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Time frame and what to expect:


Call #1 (60 minutes)
FREE for the first 5 people who fill out the form below -- Regular $150

Discovering your true passion and ideal business if you’re not yet sure of the direction you’d like to head in; what do you want most out of life?

Uncovering personal blocks, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, and putting practices in places to help you move past them.


What does your “life by design” look like?Ÿ Goal-setting: where do you want to be in twelve weeks, 6-months and 1-year?

Taking action: creating a 1-month action plan that makes building and launching your business/eBook/product etc. achievable.

Call #2 (60 minutes)
$75 optional add-on to the free 60-minute call to the first 5 -- Regular $100

(those who choose to add the follow-up call to their free 60-minute session will also get unlimited text and email support for the ten days in between their two sessions)

Reflecting on the progress that has been made: what has come up, where were you successful/where did you have difficulty?

Overcoming obstacles, putting structures in place to continue moving forward.

Discussing and implementing strategies such as vision boarding, effective schedule planning, apps, websites and other tools that will help the client to complete projects.

Completing the second month of the action plan together and going over guidelines so that the client is able to effectively complete the remaining 4 months of the action plan on their own.


The first 5 entrepreneurs (or future entrepreneurs!) to fill out the information below will receive a free 60-minute coaching call within the next 2 weeks (first come first serve).

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