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More Power, More Profit.

A free 5-day money magnetism challenge for the business owner ready to turn personal power into next-level profit.

5 days to manifest $500 of magical money

JUNE 21 - 25 @ 11AM ET

Luminary: one who inspires or influences others; a body that gives light.

A woman who knows her personal power.

The more powerful you feel, the more profitable you become.

Luminary is the 5-day money magnetism challenge for business owners ready to step into more influence, more magnetism, more money-- more luminousness.

Following the livestreams, this will become a $444 paid course on my website, but I'm inviting my audience to join the live tapings of the modules for free.

Inside this 5-day live challenge, you will:

  • Finally gain clarity around why earning more ISN'T about being high-vibe, having unwavering faith, or completely healing your relationship with money

  • Step unconditionally in your next-level of power and thus, next-level of profit

  • Create true influence in your life and business (and no, it has nothing to do with the size of your Instagram following, but that'll up-level too)

  • Learn what your dream clients and customers are REALLY looking for (hint: it's not your results)

  • Discover how to actually overcome the doubt and anxiety that's causing you to sabotage/block your next-level income from flowing in

  • Learn how and why the need for external validation is creating inconsistency in your income, and how to let it go for GOOD

  • Get the energetic up-level needed to effortlessly manifest $500 in 5 days

Create your sell-out course or coaching

It's time to cut through of the manifestation BS in your business.

Money gravitates not to someone who's in complete belief (as if that's even possible) or who's staying high-vibe all the time. Money responds to how powerful you feel, and how unapologetic you're being about creating the life and success you deserve.

A woman in her power is a woman who effortlessly draws in her dream clients/customers.

It's not what she's doing, it's who she's being.

It's not her financial gains or how much she's manifested. It's who she is for herself, and how she influences and inspires others as a result.

It's time to let go of obsessing over every thought, trying to remain in unwavering faith, or feeling great about money 100% of the time when a lifetime of programming makes it impossible to do so.

It's time to unleash your inner Goddess, regardless of where you're currently at in your life or business, and discover true unconditional alignment while you're at it.

It's time to become who you really are, and manifest every last desire on your vision board as a result.


It's time to access your feminine magnetism, Luminary.


Meet your host

Lauren Saunders is a business mentor to ambitious, heart-driven business owners and entrepreneurs. Lauren left her career as a high school art teacher for a life of entrepreneurship at the age of 28 and has built 2 full-time businesses by implementing mindset, marketing, & manifestation strategies that work.
As a business mentor, she's quadrupled her income as a teacher while working 20 hours a week, and lives a life of travel, freedom and passion. Lauren is passionate about providing ambitious business owners with the tools and practices they need to manifest the success & lives they truly desire.

You can connect with Lauren on Instagram (@laurencsaunders) or listen to The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes and Spotify for all-things mindset, manifestation and marketing for soul-driven entrepreneurs.

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