YOU DID IT!!! Hey beauty, WELCOME to

I wanted to be the first to say CONGRATS on choosing to dive into the unknown in order to manifest the life you KNOW you were destined for.

I am SO beyond excited to have you here.

...and I know from a LOT of personal experience that taking a leap of faith and investing in yourself can be both scary and exciting. Joining Money Boss Academy is most likely outside of your comfort zone, which is exactly where the magic happens.

I'm willing to bet that you're here because you not only want more from life, but you're also the type of person who's decided to go for it, too. Which means... you are my kind of people.

So, over the next 6 weeks I'm asking you to SHOW UP fully for your success and for the money, passion and freedom you deserve. I'm here to be your business partner, your confidante, and your biggest cheerleader. If there's anything you need between now and the beginning of MBA (Module 1 drops Friday April 5th, 2019), please do not hesitate to email me at

In the meantime, head over to your inbox and make sure you've added me as an email contact so that all the course content and program updates don't end up in your promotions/spam folder.

The pre-course module is waiting for you and ready when you are. You can access is HERE (module password: MONEYBOSS) and dive into manifesting more money & success NOW. If you haven't yet, be sure to join the program's members-only Facebook group to meet your new MBA Fam.

Lastly, do something for yourself today to acknowledge yourself for starting this next chapter and choosing to live a life by your own design. I'm betting on your every success.

Can't WAIT to dive in and go on this journey with you!

Your coach and #1 fan,