Hey CREATOR, we see you there...

It feels like ages since you jumped on the manifestation bandwagon and haven't looked back. You've read precisely 841 books on the topic of Law of Attraction, watched a lifetime worth YouTube content, feel like you're best friends with every LOA podcast host in the iTunes database, and have journals upon journals upon journals filled with affirmations, scripting exercises and those "ah-ha" breakthrough moments that leave you feeling CERTAIN you've finally cracked the manifestation supercode. So why is it then that it feels like it's still just... not really working for you?

  • You have big, exciting desires and vision boards full of the abundant, adventuresome life you're going to live

  • You have a willingness to do whatever it takes to make it all a reality, like, ASAP

  • You know deep down, that manifestation is real and that our thoughts really do create your reality, BUT...

  • You feel like if the Universe TRULY wanted to grant you your every wish, that it would have maybe made this whole game of manifestation just a little bit... easier, amirite??


Something just isn't quite adding up.

You've been told that manifesting even your biggest desires is suppose to be easy, & we're here to tell you that-- it is. You're just missing a few key pieces to the conscious creation puzzle.

You're feeling...

  • SO ready to make big changes, and quickly-- you know that manifesting a quantum leap in results is possible, but finding full-time alignment with what you want is easier said than done

  • Exhausted from constantly watching your thoughts and emotions like a crazy person, afraid that an hour or two spent in anxiety will derail the desires you've been calling to you

  • Envious of those who seem to have figured it out, and watching from afar as they effortlessly manifest everything they want while you're left wondering, "what am I doing wrong?"

  • Tired of trying to 'make' yourself feel happy for the sake of manifesting what you want, and getting hard on yourself when you're anything less than super duper high-vibe

  • Ready for the process of creating your dream life to be fun, fast and easy, but it feels like this whole "mastering the art of attraction" thing is going to take forever (if it even ends up working at all)

You're SO friggin' ready to...

  • Watch your life transform month after month as YOU become the one who knows how to manifest more fun, more freedom and more finances (if that's what floats your manifestation boat)

  • FEEL like the powerful creator they tell you you are (with the results to prove it, too)

  • Set big intentions for yourself and *actually* watch them manifest before your eyes (and usually quite quickly to-boot)

  • Build the life of freedom you know is available to you through discovering and claiming the power that's rightfully yours

  • Stop questioning yourself and your ability to manifest whatever TF you want most in life

  • Make 2020 your QUANTUM LEAP of an abundance-filled year

What if...

Manifestation could be easy?

It didn't matter what kind of mood you're in in order to create any result you want (hint hint: it DOESN'T)

With the right know-how and process you could manifest even the big things, quickly?

You didn't have to constantly be monitoring your thoughts and emotions?


What if NOTHING was off the table?


We're here to tell you that...

You can have the results you want, and you can have them now.

You can drop the need to monitor your thoughts and emotions, or pretend you already have what you want (the impossible game of "acting as if" ends here).

You do NOT need to spend the next year or three 'uncovering' every last limiting belief you have in order to create big change in your life, quickly.



AND that...

YOU are the power that creates reality, period. We're here not only to prove it to you, but to wake you up to your long-forgotten truth, and teach you how to use your infinite power to create Quantum Leaps in your life in the next 4 weeks and beyond.




4 weeks to discover your power and quantum leap into the freedom-filled life that's been waiting for you to claim it.

Are you ready to discover your POWER and use it to do create your Quantum Leap of an abundance-filled life?

Oh hey there powerful, have we met yet?

We're Lauren and Zoey. Or, as our collective online audiences of over 180,000 people know us, Lo & Zo.

We're former 9-5ers turned coaches, entrepreneurs, podcast co-hosts and most importantly, Quantum Creators.

We both believe in and implement daily a knowledge, understanding and little-known manifestation process that has allowed us both to manifest lives, businesses and realities we absolutely love.

After years of studying what works and what doesn't when it comes to quickly manifesting the outcomes we want, we've come to discover a fundamental and widely unknown truth-- that we ARE the power that creates reality and absolutely everything in it, and that we can manifest life-changing outcomes in a fraction of the time, effort and frustration than most people seem to think.

We're finally ready to share the Quantum Manifestation process that's turned our realities upside-down in the best, most magical ways imaginable.


Manifesting even the really BIG things isn't hard, and you're not 'bad' at it.


You've simply been left out of the loop when it comes to truly knowing your power AND how to use it, too.

It's time we give you the missing piece to the conscious creation puzzle, so you can finally start GETTING all of the things you've been asking for.

We see you, and we know you've been doing everything you can to manifest the big changes you desire (not to mention, deserve) for a WHILE now, and it's getting tiresome.


We also know that at times it really feels like mastering your ability to "manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams" just doesn't seem to be in the cards for you.

BUT here's the thing, beautiful...

Becoming a master manifestor and producing big results quickly, isn't about believing more, hustling harder, or learning to monitor your every thought and emotion like a crazy perfectionist (we've tried and we are NOT fans).

It's about understanding HOW reality gets created, believing it on a deep, Quantum level, and then implementing the effective AF imagination-based mindset process that's been taught for centuries by some of the world's most influential historical figures.

Imagine for a moment what it'll be like when you...

  • Explode your business & income in the next few months, even if you've been trying and failing to do just that for the last few years

  • Land the dream job next week that you've been telling yourself is years away

  • Attract your soulmate suddenly despite having a lifetime-worth of limiting beliefs working against you

  • Let go of trying to "be happy and high-vibe" all the time in order to manifest what you want

  • Lose weight quickly without changing a single thing outside of your thoughts

  • Quickly grow an online following and/or business

  • Manifest your dream home, dream job, dream person and dream LIFE by finally understanding and stepping into your infinite power as the Quantum Creator you were born to be, faster and easier than you ever thought possible

So what IS a Quantum Leap in manifestation, you ask?

A Quantum Leap is what happens when an area or areas of your life shift in big, drastic and almost unimaginable ways, and in a very short period of time. Quantum Manifesting is when you do it intentionally.

If constantly monitoring your thoughts and waiting ages for what you want most to show up is leaving you frustrated, we're here to tell you there's a much better, easier and faster way.

Producing BIG results isn't about believing more-- it's about understanding, on a much deeper level, what reality really is, and the crucial role YOU play in creating it.

By implementing the Quantum Manifestation Method we exclusively teach inside QC², we have collectively produced Quantum-Leap results including...

Growing 6-figure online businesses in a fraction of the time than most would believe possible.


Manifesting the money needed to pay off LARGE sums of debt overnight.


Gaining 15,000 new YouTube subscribers in a week.


Attracting book deals and moving into our dream homes.


Travelling across the world & going on paid trips.

Bringing in almost $30K in sales in a single month in business.


Losing 10 pounds in 10 days without changing a single thing.


Going from $1,000/month in business income to a $15,000 month in just 6 weeks of implementation.


Creating huge changes in our health & wellness.

Retiring a successful business to travel Europe in style while working full-time online.


Attracting a cutting edge sound studio to record out podcast from for free.

Creating freedom-filled lives we absolutely love and never need vacations from.

REAL-TALK: The Law of Attraction method of manifestation never really worked for us.

Results were inconsistent and taxing AF to say the least.

The Quantum method of manifestation on the other hand, continues to blow our minds month after month after month, and we just can't stay quiet about it any longer.

Here's how YOUR 4-week Quantum Leap in results is going to go down...



"On a subatomic level, reality behaves in accordance with the expectation of the one observing it." It's time you understand your role as the observer.

"Your thoughts create" is not just a hypothetical saying you sometimes see printed on motivational posters or quoted in Instagram posts. YOU, as the observer, ARE the power that shapes reality in the realest of ways, and we're not just going to teach you what you need to know to believe it-- we're going to prove it to you, too.

In week 1 we'll share the proven science behind Quantum Creating, and shake up your perception of 'reality' as you know it-- what it is, how it's created, and the vital role you play in creating the physical realm using your thoughts.

In order to begin Quantum Leaping, you first need to graduate from the world of limitation and step into the limitless potential of the Quantum Field. In the first 7 days of QC², we're going to guide you through doing just that.

It's time to let go of everything you think you know about manifestation.



Quantum creating comes with a different set of instructions and thus, a very different set of RESULTS. In week 2, we'll be sharing with you the step-by-step imagination-based mindset process for creating Quantum Leaps in your life in less time and effort that you've ever thought possible.

This is not your typical "act as if" procedure (we're super done with all that noise TBH), but rather a process of using your imagination to strategically impress the subconscious with your desire, and then allowing for the fast unfolding of that desire as you continue on with your everyday life.

No more constantly watching your thoughts or worrying about your emotional state. Just a simple daily practice built on an understanding of your power and how to use it. Out with the frustration, in with the effortless manifestation of your every desire.

Nothing is ever as it seems, and the physical reality you live in that feels so real? Well-- it really isn't.

Week 3 holds the key to transforming your life as you know it. Why? Because manifesting abundant AF results while stuck in a lack-based world is the reason you're struggling to create what you want to begin with. In order to quickly change your reality, you need to quickly change your perception of it.

After week 3, nothing will ever be the same, because you'll finally have the knowledge needed to allow your reality to shift quickly through a simple shift in your thoughts and a deep knowing that nothing is more than a projection of your imagination.





Abracadabra: "It came to pass as it was spoken".

In week 4, we're training you into becoming the life-long pro of a Quantum Manifestor you came to this life in order to be, by providing you with the final tools needed inside your Quantum Creator's toolbox. You'll KNOW the power that your thoughts hold after a month of the QC² teachings and more importantly, after proving it to yourself time and time again.

You'll speak things into existence with ease, certainty and flow.

You'll finally know that nothing was ever out of reach (or ever will be again).

You'll watch your reality transform month after month, and wonder how you managed to make it so taxing and complicated for so long.

You'll literally catch yourself thinking, "what should I decide to create next?" after crossing so many desires off your list way faster than you previously thought possible.

You'll finally know you're powerful AF and will have peace of mind knowing there's literally nothing you can't change, create or become through using your imagination to create a life of magical manifestations.

Take it from us: you truly can create anything you desire. It's available to you NOW, and we've spent months putting together the complete creator's toolbox to help you make it happen A-S-A-P.

The question is, are you ready for a life of Quantum Leaping??


Inside the 4 weeks of the Quantum Creators Course (or QC²), you're going to begin creating BIG results in a fraction of the time, energy and effort by:

1. Shaking up your current perception of what reality *actually* is, and

2. Understanding and proving to yourself the powerful role you play in creating it.

Here's what you'll get during your 4 weeks of this one-of-a-kind, transformational course:

4 Game-Changing Video Masterclasses

Each week we'll deliver a pre-recorded video module on the weekly topics listed above, to provide you with the understanding (YUP-- we're about to get super science-y), the tools and mindset processes needed to transform your world from the inside, out, and in as little time as possible.

4 Q&A Lo & Zo


Each week we'll go live inside the members-only Facebook group for an hour to answer questions, deepen your understanding of the weekly module content, and walk you personally through the process of Quantum Leaping YOUR life and manifestations.

This is your chance to get the 1:1 support you need to not just apply the game-changing teachings of QC
², but to have them completely transform your life, too.

Daily Emails Straight From The Quantum Field

Changing your reality quickly during and directly following the 4 weeks of QC², is about changing your perception of what reality is and how it's created on a subatomic and proven level.

During our time together, you'll receive daily emails to your inbox that will help you do just that.

Weekly 'Witchcraft' Workbooks

We're calling them "witchcraft" workbooks because through using them to deepen your understanding and application of the module content, you'll swear you have magical powers you've just never been privy too.

We don't just want you to sign up for QC
², we want it to completely change your life in the craziest of ways, too. These workbooks have been included to guarantee that that happens.

A Members-Only Quantum Creators FB Group

While QC² is technically a course, we couldn't help but set it up as a group program, so that we could Quantum Manifest alongside you guys and as a crazy powerful collective of creators. Inside the QC² Facebook group, you'll be able to interact 1:1 with Lo & Zo while being inspired by the Quantum Leap manifestations of your fellow creators.

The Complete Quantum-Leap Toolbox

More money? More time freedom? More travel, love or happiness?

Whatever you desire, your wish is our Quantum command.

² and everything it includes has been designed from the ground-up to not only help you access your unlimited power, but to you use it to create everything and anything you desire every single day for the rest of your life.

The truth is, you came here to know and USE your power to create every single thing you desire.

It was never meant to be hard, timely or complicated.

But rather-- fun, fast and freeing AF.


The Investment:


Join QC² (The Quantum Creators Course) for 1 Payment of $397

The Quantum Creators Course is currently closed for enrolment, with round 2 tentatively set for August 2020. Join the waitlist below to make sure you're in the loop leading up to the launch of the course!

Join QC² for 2 Bi-Weekly Payments of $217

The Quantum Creators Course is currently closed for enrolment, with round 2 tentatively set for August 2020. Join the waitlist below to make sure you're in the loop leading up to the launch of the course!

**prices listed in USD





What happens next?

POP THE CHAMPAGNE! And also-- hold on to your hats, because things are about to get weird (in the best, most magical way possible). If you follow the action-steps laid out for you inside QC², nothing about your reality from this point forward will ever be the same. We're not playing any games here, girl.

After completing payment, you'll be automatically re-directed to the Quantum Creators private Facebook group, where allll of the magic is about to go down over the next 4 weeks and beyond.

You'll be sent a confirmation email (check your spam if you didn't get it and be sure to add us to your contacts!) with all the deets you need going into QC². with the module for week 1 dropping on Monday, February 17th at 10AM EST.

What really happens next though, isn't actually up to us-- it's up to you, the newly awakened Quantum Creator. What do you want most in life? What results/big changes are you ready to call forth? The details are up to you, we're just here to provide you with the tools needed to make it all happen A-S-A-P.

Are you ready to discover your POWER and use it to do create your Quantum Leap of an abundance-filled life?

See you inside the realm of unlimited possibilities, creator.

Your Quantum life awaits. ;)

XO, Lo & Zo