The Aligned Entrepreneur

A 6-month application-only 1:1 mentorship to up-level your business by building your belief, then combining it with an aligned, killer & custom marketing strategy.

Hustle is out, alignment (and your results) are in.

It's time to do business differently.

I see you there...

You have a desire to walk the path less traveled. To build the kind of freedom that few people will ever find in this lifetime.


Only it's not a desire, it's a calling that you feel in every cell of your being-- and it's not getting any quieter.

  • You've watched others build abundant lives and businesses they love through sharing their gifts with the world, and you know it's the mission you were meant for, too

  • You're no stranger to visualizing your success or working tirelessly towards your dreams, but it feels like nothing ever really sticks, or produces the results that were promised

  • You've likely watched every free online training there is out there and built a vision board or twenty

  • You have the drive and the vision, but know that what's needed to finally make it happen is the direction, the action-steps and strategies combined with a total mindset transformation

  • You know you're meant for more-- but the abundance just doesn't seem to be flowing your way, and every action you take (or talk yourself out of) towards creating it feels heavy with uncertainty

You know on a deeper level that the reality you seek is seeking you, too.

So why does it feel so out of reach?

I know alll about the life you're ready for. The life that you came here to create.

  • Deep down, you're a badass CEO. You regularly envision yourself as the crazy successful entrepreneur that something inside of you KNOWS you were born to be

  • You imagine what it will feel like when you're sitting beach-side sipping a margarita, while the rest of the world commutes to jobs they don't love

  • You see people hitting $20K, $50K and $100K months and think "if they can do it, then that must mean that I can, too"

  • You crave the success, abundance, passion and FREEDOM-- and you're ready to not just try for it, but to actually make it your reality, too

I know first hand what it feels like to live in a state of longing, frustration and determination to manifest the heck out of a crazy successful life & biz.

also know how to help you make it happen--



The mindset & manifestation practices that *actually* work.

The marketing strategies that produce results while feeling true to you.

The fastest way to grow an engaged and profitable audience while getting out of the way what's been keeping you stuck.



By mixing a magnetic mindset with the right marketing strategy and committed work ethic, you can and will achieve any result you desire to.

Have we met yet ?

Hey beautiful, I'm Lauren. I'm a business coach for modern entrepreneurs who have big dreams, and an even bigger desire to manifest those dreams into reality.

I'm here to provide you with the mindset strategies that *actually* work, re-programming your subconscious and turning you into a literal magnet for the financial outcomes you desire, while also implementing the marketing strategies and tech know-how that will draw in your dream clients & customers with ease.

Two years ago I left a teaching career that I had 12 years invested into after discovering that quite literally, thoughts become things. I woke up to unlimited possibility and abundance that each of us can gain access to by learning to align our thoughts and energy with our desired success.

The only problem was that even after spending thousands of dollars on coaches, Facebook ads, fancy marketing schemes and professional photos, I'd made next to nothing in my business.

I spent every spare minute and dollar I had for almost a year, being nothing short of obsessed with manifesting my success at all costs, to come up empty-handed. I was frustrated, depleted, stressed and perplexed, but I was stubborn AF, and remained determined nonetheless.

Why did I struggle to create results at first? Because you don't manifest what you want-- you manifest who you're being; and simply put, I hadn't learned how to BE and become the version of me who could attract the success I so desperately desired.

It sounds obvious, but most entrepreneurs are thinking thoughts and taking action that's aligned with their current reality, NOT the one they want. By finally learning how to (quickly) step into the energy of my own success, the results began pouring in.

Flash-forward another year, and my financial, physical and emotional reality has flipped so many times I've lost count. I started hitting consistent 5-figure - multiple 5-figure+ months in my business, went from 2-3 program participants to 50+, spent the winter travelling Italy and now am living in my dream condo in Toronto, working with clients from all over the world. Most days,
I'm quite honestly in awe and appreciation of the life I've created for myself-- and as cliche as it sounds, if I cant do it then you absolutely can, too.


This 6-month 1:1 coaching program goes to work on literally re-programming your mindset for confidence, belief and energetic alignment, while providing you with the marketing strategies and tech know-how needed to build a modern and thriving business.

Becoming The Aligned Entrepreneur means understanding and claiming your power to attract your desired results to you, while knowing and implementing the action-steps that will draw in your dream clients and customers with ease.

Since implementing the mindset & marketing strategies from this 6-month mentorship in my own business, I've ...

  • Left my career as a teacher (freedom and unlimited possibility were calling my name!)

  • Retired my first business after I began hitting regular 5-figure months online

  • Temporarily packed up my life in Toronto to travel Italy and the UK for the winter while working my business from anywhere-- just because I could (I love you Canada but your frigid winters just aren't for me)

  • Had my first $10K, $15K and $25K months in business as a result of intentionally up-levelling my confidence and money mindset

  • Starting hitting consistent & predictable $20K months

  • Moved back to Toronto and into the condo of my dreams (I still can't believe my "office" view of the city is real, and that I get to both live & work in this beautiful place)

  • Manifested a life of location freedom, time & financial abundance-- not to mention a business and career I'm over the moon in love with & passionate about

  • Created a day-to-day life where I get to do my soul's work with clients I adore, and getting abundantly compensated for it-- if there's one thing I wish everyone could experience, it's THIS. Life's too short to be anything less than lit the F up.

The Aligned Entrepreneur

The way to the big results you desire (5-figure+ months, a waitlist of your dream clients, the ability to work full-time from anywhere in the world) already exists, but you can only access the steps that will lead you there quickly if you're aligned and operating on the same frequency with your desired destination.

There's a better way to do business-- and it brings you the results you want in a fraction of the time, while doing a fraction of the work. The Aligned Entrepreneur 6-month mentorship follows a 3-step process to get your mindset & energy manifesting the results you want FOR you, while taking the action that's needed in order to bridge the gap.

Step 1. Intention

We'll start by getting super clear on the results you're out to create. Where do you want to be in 6, 12, and 18 months? How much do you want to be earning per month and what does it look like (if you don't know yet, don't worry, we'll discover it together). I'm not talking about what you think is "realistic", I'm talking about the goals you'd set if you KNEW that anything was possible (hint hint: IT IS).

Step 2. Alignment

This is where the magic happens. You can't manifest what you want without being in energetic alignment with it, first. In other words, we're going to tune your vibration to the results you want, transform you into the CEO version of you from the inside out, and get your thoughts and emotions in line with your desired financial results so that the marketing strategy you implement *actually* works.

What's more is that we'll be customizing all of your physical strategies and actions so that they feel aligned with YOU. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing. The strategies that will work for you will be the ones you can truly get your energy and belief behind. No slimy sales tactics, just you, sharing your value in a way that's true to YOU and your specific goals.

Step 3. Action

There ain't no ifs, ands, or buts about it-- your success will come through ACTION. But not just any action. Together we'll decide on and design the killer & custom audience and income-building strategies that will bring you the most bang for your entrepreneurial buck, while breaking down the process step-by-step so you become a marketing and tech pro in no time.

We'll use a combination of intuition (AKA inspired action) and proven marketing strategies that WORK, regardless of the niche you're in or the product/service you have to offer.

The Details

Your 6-month mentorship will be catered 100% to you and your specific goals as an entrepreneur. However here's a taste of how we'll create your life-changing results during our time together:

1 X initial 90-minute coaching call followed by 45-minute 1:1 coaching calls whenever you need them (up to 4/month)

It's time to get started with a BANG. Our 6 months together will kick off with a 90-minute 1:1 coaching call, in which we'll create your 6 and 12-month goals- where you truly desire your business and income to be by the end of our time working together, so that we can create a customized action-plan that gets you there, ASAP.

Following our initial call together, you can book 45-minute sessions whenever you need them. Every business is different, and I'm here to give you the support you need WHEN you need it.

These calls are our chance to work closely together to brainstorm your breakthrough ideas, implement the strategy needed, and build the platform that your business will soon be standing on.

Unlimited voice messaging support via the Voxer App

This program exists to get you the big, life-changing results, while having a big, life-changing impact on the lives of your soon-to-be clients & customers. The likelihood of that happening exponentially grows when you know I'm in your corner at all times, and when you have the personalized support of your business coach and partner whenever you need it. Whether you're working through some emotional blocks (trust me, these next 6 months will have you blast through them A-S-A-P!) or you have a simple marketing question, I'm just a voice clip away. Whatever you need, I'm here for it.

A step-by-step action plan that's catered specifically to you reaching your goals over the next 6, 12 and 18 months

Unlimited email support- editing of and feedback for all written content you produce during our time together -- website, program pages, opt-ins/landing pages, emails, funnels etc.

My job as your coach is to give you all the skills you need to be successful long-term, so that you continue growing your biz & income long after our time together, independent of needing to hire other contractors for every last thing. That includes copy-writing.

Writing compelling text that strategically speaks to your target market while effectively communicating the value you have to offer (whether it's on your website, in marketing materials or for an in-person event) is an invaluable skill that will be vital to your business's success.

During our 6 months together I'll be personally editing all of your written content and helping you to develop your ability to write concise and compelling copy in a way that feels true to you and your purpose inside your business.

Copy-writing templates for any and all relevant marketing materials

Leave the guess-work at the door, girl. During our time together you'll have templates and examples for writing things like website and program pages, marketing funnels and emails etc. The old method of "throwing the spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks" is o-v-e-r OVER. Time to stop guessing and start earning.

Tech tutorial videos for website and funnel-building, email campaigns, graphic design etc.

Being able to feel empowered in your business comes from knowing what to do and HOW to do it. Any modern business requires a certain level of tech know-how, and I'll be providing you with just that. Whether it's building your website or creating your first marketing funnel and email nurture sequence, I've got you covered.

Personalized strategy implementation for audience-building

Making money (like, BIG money) in your biz is hard to do if you don't have anyone to offer your products/services to. Whether it's building a fast-growing Facebook group, creating profitable engagement through Instagram or an email list full of your dream clients, there are fast-track methods for building an audience of your soulmate peeps quickly.


Together we'll decide on the audience-building strategy that suits both you, your offerings and your income goals.

A daily mindset routine that transforms you into the 6-figure version of you

Probably the most important (and underrated) piece in the success puzzle-- BECOMING the version of you who can attract and maintain the abundance she desires.

Without going to work on your mindset, you'll have to work twice as hard for a fraction of the results (OR you'll work your a$$ off for NO results since you can't attract what you're not in alignment with). There's a MUCH easier way, and it involves implementing a simple but crazy effective daily mindset routine from Day 1 of our time together.

This routine will literally erase the hard-wired subconscious thoughts that are keeping you stuck, and replace them with the neurological circuitry needed to transform you (and therefor your LIFE) from the inside, out. And quickly, too. ;)

Access to all of my programs, courses and personal library of business-building resources

Plus the following bonuses:

  • A feature interview on my podcast, The Aligned Entrepreneur (optional)

  • 1 X 45-minute follow-up coaching call to be used anytime within the first 8 weeks following the end of our time working together

  • A necklace charm of your choice from Animal Stone delivered straight to you, to represent the commitment you and I have both made to your business's success (

Let's be real here...

To build (or grow) a successful business quickly, you can't just rely on mindset, marketing or tech know-how. You need ALL THREE, no matter the kind of business you're wanting to build, or the niche you're building it in. Your success will come as a result of building the skills needed, implementing the strategy that will draw in your dream clients on auto-pilot, while going to work on your mindset in order to become the most confident version of you who attracts your desired results with ease.

This 6-month mentorship is your one-stop-shop for getting everything you need to build your business and bank account A-S-A-P. No need to hire contractors for every last thing, or watch hours of YouTube videos trying to figure out the best, most "proven" way to market your services. Whatever you need, I'm your girl.

The Aligned Entrepreneur is the 1:1 program for the modern business owner who's seriously ready to ditch the back-up plan and *actually* create the life & biz of her dreams.

By the end of our 6 months together, you will have:

  • Built the foundation of your business, including sales funnels, resources, social media content, website design and more (you're about to become a total a tech & marketing pro)-- build it once, earn from it FOREVER

  • Mastered your mindset for success, abundance and productivity. This is yours forever, and will be your biggest asset in achieving mega success for the rest of your life

  • Identified your biggest constraints and limiting beliefs and learned how to overcome them

  • Developed a no-mess money & success mindset that effortlessly attracts wealth and abundance to you in each of your entrepreneurial pursuits

  • Mastered the art of scheduling and time efficiency, allowing you to create balance in your work and personal life while propelling you towards your goals

  • Created a clear vision of EXACTLY where you're headed with your business, along with step-by-steps actions on how to continue moving powerfully towards your goals

  • Set up your key marketing strategies that attract new clients/customers on a consistent and predictable basis

  • Become a content & resource-creating machine so that you are always connecting with and attracting your dream clients

  • Designed your brand & gotten clear on the message you put across throughout your online presence

  • FOUND YOUR STRIDE. The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to you and your goals.

The Investment

Pay In Full

A 1-time investment of $10,000USD



6 monthly payments of $1800USD

"There are so many good things to say about Lauren as my coach, I barely know where to begin! For starters, I was instantly drawn to her captivating energy - she truly has this radiant personality that you can't help but love...  And she REALLY knows her stuff!  Her passion for helping women entrepreneurs step into their "CEO selves", as she likes to say, truly shines through on every single 1:1 call.


Not only is she everything you'd expect from a coach - punctual, extremely organized, intelligent, and business savvy - but she also has "X factor" coming out of her ears!  


She holds space for you when you're needing a boost; she somehow knows EXACTLY what to say and when to say it in order for you to experience breakthroughs and see massive results in your business; she has this bottomless pit of resources on hand to whip out and e-mail you when you're struggling with something specific; she's compassionate and gentle in her coaching approach but also gives you the accountability you need when your ego attempts to keep you safe in your comfort zone; she's a total goofball (in the best sense!) when the situation calls for it; I could literally go on and on about amazing this woman is as a coach and a friend.


I was extremely impressed with her incredible work ethic right off the bat - I would find myself thinking (often!) "how does Lauren get so much done in a day??".  She had other clients during the four months we worked together, but she has this way of making you feel like you are her only client.  I can tell that her heart and soul goes in to her work and she enjoys her job so much that you can't help but start to embody that energy as well - which is a HUGE benefit when growing a business.


Her signature combo of mindset mastery & marketing know-how is EXACTLY what I needed in order to find myself outside of my comfort zone kicking ass with numerous live videos to my ideal clients (increasing my confidence as an expert in my niche), growing a facebook group, growing an e-mail list, and building out my very first group program - - all from the ground up!  She was there to guide me and lift me up the entire time.


Everything from marketing funnels to deep, healing mindset work around my limiting beliefs in business - she covers it all and then some... leaving you feeling like your success is TRULY inevitable.


One of my favorite reminders from Lauren is "Success is a place to come FROM, not a place to get to."  We focused a lot on mindset as well as Law of Attraction (which I quickly became obsessed with).  I can confidently say that, although I had many quantifiable "wins" in my business while we worked together, the most impactful manifestation for my life and business this year was crossing paths with Lauren and saying YES to her as my coach.  


The investment in her as a 1:1 mindset & marketing coaching is 110% worth it and if you're ever finding yourself on the fence about hiring her, PLEASE take the plunge and just do it - you will know after your first call that you made the right decision."

Chrissy Martin

Coach, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur

What happens next?

During our discovery call together, we'll discuss what your specific business goals are and create a customized action plan to turn them into your reality. Mainly, we'll discover whether I'm the coach to help you get you from where you currently are, to where you desire to be with your business, A-S-A-P.

If we mutually decide that working together is a good fit, then I'll send out your welcome package and we can get started right away (or whenever you're ready to dive in). Pop the champagne! You've just set a Universe worth of possibilities in motion, and this commitment you've made to building your dream business will alter the course of your life in ways you can't begin to imagine.

From day 1 all the way through to our last week together, I'm here to be your coach, your new business partner, #1 fan and biggest cheerleader. I'll be here to walk you through the step-by-step process of growing your biz & bank account while transforming your mindset to become a virtual magnet to all the success you desire (you weren't meant to do it alone!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter what type of business I'm building? What if it isn't online? Can you still help me?

Regardless of the type of business you're building or the specific niche you're in, you'll achieve your goals through implementing two things effectively:

1. Mindset - the power to align with and attract your desired results
2. Marketing - knowing how and where to connect with your ideal clients/customers in away that is authentic to you while making you stand out from the crowd so you can attract your people with ease This mentorship has been designed for anyone who's looking to grow a business through consciously manifesting the steps to get there with a coach who can guide them every step of the way. It doesn't matter what you're offering or who you're offering it to, if you resonate with my approach to exploding your business, then I'm the coach to help you turn your dreams into your reality.

I have questions before applying. Can I contact you?

Of course! You can send any and all questions you have to me at

What can I expect from you as my coach?

Well, I hate to toot my own horn here, but you can expect me to show TF up for you and for your success, every friggin' step of the way.

As your coach, you can expect a mentor, a friend, a #1 fan and biggest cheerleader. You can expect someone who's in your corner and who's ready to meet you wherever you're at. You can expect a coach who's in it with you for the long-haul, and for the big results.

Are my results guaranteed?

Your results will be a reflection of your commitment TO those results. If you're ready to do the work while implementing the daily mindset practices I give you, you WILL get to where you're going. However, I can't build your business for you. If you're ready to throw out the back-up plan and dive in, you can bet your a$$ that I'll be there right alongside you, never more than a voice clip away.

Your results WILL manifest if you show up for them so that I can, too.

Why is the program 6 months? Can I work with you beyond that length of time?

The program is 6 months because Rome wasn't built overnight, and neither will your business be. It takes time to implement the strategies needed and to build the foundation that your new life will be built on. That being said, a LOT can change in 6 months when you commit to it. Six months is an ideal amount of time for you to produce your desired results, transform your mindset and gain the tools you need to move forward in your business independently. After our 6 months together I'm more than happy to continue working with you month-to-month if you decide that's what will best serve you and your next-level business goals. However, my job and intention is that in 6 months time you will be able to proceed powerfully on your own without the need to always be working with a coach (unless of course you want to be!).

"Lauren was a huge asset in helping me launch my first eBook and in creating my group coaching program. My book launch far exceeded my expectations and brought in multiple 5-figures in sales in it's first weekend through a variety of marketing strategies we implemented together. I was also thrilled to sell out my first ever group coaching program shortly after the book launch. Having her help through this process boosted my confidence in what I was offering and prevented me from undercharging. The launch of both my book and coaching program was a huge success and I’m more excited than ever to expand on my online offerings."


Jeannine Elder


Ready to create the purpose, freedom and abundance you desire?

"Lauren has a true gift for bringing mindset and strategy together to create pure magic. After tons of mindset work I was still struggling with the nuts and bolts of getting my program out into the world. Lauren helped me to create a launch strategy that felt totally aligned with me and my program that I could get excited about. She created a framework that helped the whole thing feel much less daunting than previous launches I have done. Her program offers support and encouragement along with a healthy dose of holding you accountable to delivering on your very best program launch. I hired Lauren because she has the perfect combination of mindset, strategy and action that I needed to get my program off the ground.

Jennifer Arthurton