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A 4-Week Group Course

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How to combine spirituality, mindset & energetic alignment with authentic sales strategy & intuitive action for fast growth in your soul-led biz.


It isn't about the hustle.

Nor is it something you just align with and then receive to your front door via Global Express mail without lifting a finger (but heck wouldn't that be nice).

Success- no matter your business model, industry or niche, is about knowing how to effectively combine mindset with marketing-- energy with intuitive action-taking.

It's about mastering The Work + The Woo

...and creating fast & flowy growth in your biz as a result.

Create your sell-out course or coaching

You are...

  • A soul-led business owner on a mission to manifest creative & financial freedom through the growth of your business, while positively impacting the lives of others in the process, too

  • A new or seasoned spiritually-led being who knows deep down that if you can dream it, you can do it; now it's just a matter of aligning with & receiving what you came here to create

  • Often feeling overwhelmed with all the conflicting information out there about how much of creating success for yourself is about strategy, and how much is about energy

  • Committed to building a life & business you are wildly obsessed with-- one that few ever allow to themselves to manifest

  • Sometimes catching yourself questioning which action you should take next, or which strategy you need to implement in order to scale your income

  • Ready to master the Work & The Woo, stop 'shoulding' yourself, and allow in the life-changing growth and results that are rightfully yours

Simply put-- The Work & The Woo is for the soul-led business owner who's ready to fast-track their path to success by leveraging the power of manifestation while implementing the strategy that'll *actually* lead to results, fast.

Here's the truth...

A Quantum leap in scaling your business and income is available through a strategic dance between mindset, marketing & manifestation. It's about knowing which actions are the ones that'll lead to massive results for YOU, and which ones won't. It's about knowing how to build confidence (and thus belief) as an entrepreneur, and diving a little deeper into the money-making mindset work than traditional manifestation teachings usually do.

Put DOWN the marketing book, powerful. All the answers are within you.

The Universe has already lined up the path of least resistance between where you are, and everything you want in your biz.

You only need to learn how to walk down it.



The effective action-taking, the money-making idea development, the business planning, the social media and sales strategies that make up the foundation of your life-changing business.



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The mindset work, the intuition, the energy shifts, the inspired ideas and spiritual practices that'll put you into alignment with the results you want so you can manifest them with ease, fun & speed.


Imagine for a moment...

  • Building your business and scaling your income is easy; you always know what the right next action to take is, and no longer spend days on end trying to "figure things out"

  • No goal is out of reach; you have a repeatable system for lining up with ANY desired income level and knowing the steps & strategies that'll get you there

  • You no longer feel the need to compare your journey to anyone else's-- your own fast lane to success is the only one you're aware of

  • Social media, marketing plans and sales strategies have become fun, creative and effective for you, now that you've let go of how others are telling you they "should" be done

  • You feel a sense of confidence, contentment and knowing-ness, because your success and the road that'll get you there is now an internal journey rather than something outside of you that you're desperately trying to find

  • Your business has become fun, flowy and stress-free-- the way you always intended for it to be

  • The fog has lifted and you feel an immense sense of clarity and direction after having mastered The Work & The Woo to create massive income up-levels in your biz

Have we met yet?

I'm Lauren. I'm a business mentor for passionate entrepreneurs wanting to scale to $5K, $10K and $20K+ months, and I've created a life of freedom for myself by implementing the principals and practices that will be covered in the 4 weeks of tW+tW.

I started my business with nothing short of iron-fisted determination. For the better part of the first year however, that wasn't enough.

I was scraping by, throwing the proverbial spaghetti up against the wall and praying that something would stick.

At first, I pretty much only did the mindset and energy work.

I sat at home, dreaming about the thriving business I was about to manifest after having left my teaching career on a whim. I attracted a couple clients for a small amount of money and then business dried up completely. I didn't actually know what to do, how to market myself or which actions would lead to expansion in my business and so, I didn't take any.

I sat around and hoped for results that didn't come.

Then, after a few months of feeling powerless, I went all-in with a new marketing strategy. I hired a fancy coach who helped me to create the world's most beautiful sales funnel complete with a large monthly Facebook ads budget, an automated webinar and an email sequence written and timed to perfection.

However now I had a different problem, which was that I didn't believe in the product that the funnel was designed to sell. I didn't have confidence behind my service at the time and I wasn't aligned with my desired results, and so again-- they didn't come.

Determined as ever to figure out how to actually grow a hugely successful business, I got back up on that darn horse for attempt #3; this time with an understanding that both the energy and the action were necessary, and that success would come once I figured out how to effectively combine the right amounts of both.

Just a couple of months later, my entire reality had done a total 180. I'd implemented The Work & The Woo process, created and then operated from a place of energetic alignment with my desired results, and combined it with an understanding of the marketing principals needed to sell just about anything. I went from $500 months to my first $15,000 month almost overnight, and my business and income have been scaling consistently ever since as result of this framework.

Earning regular $20K - $30K months without a marketing degree, a large ads budget or a polished business plan has become easy for me, because I know that the real secret to success is knowing how to combine The Work & The Woo.

Now, it's time for you to do the same.

Four weeks. The mindset & manifesting. The marketing strategy. The intuition-driven & wealth-producing action. THE RESULTS.

Create your sell-out course or coaching

Hustling hard, following the "shoulds" or changing your beliefs alone won't get you there.
Mastering The Work & The Woo, will.


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The Details

4 Live Video Masterclasses + Q&As

Weekly live modules delivered inside our family Facebook group covering the entire WW process and framework for expanding your business & income in record timing. We'll be covering the it all-- the necessary mindset work for entrepreneurs you haven't seen anywhere else, the business-specific manifestation process that allows for the unfolding of everything you're desiring to create, the key marketing principals and advertising strategies for attracting your dream clients & sales in your business with ease and predictability.

Weekly Work + Woo Workbooks

I've said it before and I'll say it again-- knowledge isn't power. The application of knowledge is power. In other words, I'm not here to give you a bunch of information that may or may not change your life and business as you know it. I'm here to help you implement the physical & energetic principals, processes and strategies that'll catapult your success through an intention combining of The Work & The Woo. Weekly workbooks will be provided for you to follow along in during the live modules, and implement the teachings so they can actually help you to change your life, business and finances forever.

tW+tW Family Facebook Group

The Work & The Woo course Facebook group is where it'll all go down, and you'll have lifetime access to the community and content that gets created there. Building an aligned and successful business is MUCH easier when you don't have to do it alone.

Lifetime Access

As a participant in the course, you'll not only gain lifetime access to all curricular content, but also any additions and/or updates made to future rounds of it, too. The framework being taught over these four weeks is the same framework and process I utilize in my business today as I scale towards $50K+ months. These teachings are designed to be ones that'll meet you wherever you're at, and for you to refer back to for years to come.

A Biz-Building, Money-Making Meditation

The hardest part about manifesting mega money in your biz? Getting OUT of your own way, IN to the right actions, and AWAY from the confusion that so many business owners struggle with. The exclusive meditation included inside tW+tW will allow you to drop the struggle, shift your relationship with emotions (so they're no longer something you resist) and strengthen your intuition so it can light up the path to success that you're being called to walk down.

A Bonus Q&A Livestream During Week 4 of tW+tW

Towards the end of our time together, I'll pop back into the group to host a Q&A livestream and give personalized coaching around any questions you didn't get answers for during the 4 live modules. This is your chance to ask me ANY business question you have, so that you can sky-rocket your impact & income in the months and years to come.

Create your sell-out course or coaching

Week 1

Calibrate 1st, Create 2nd

Most of the world has it backwards when they tell you to get what you want first, so that you can feel how you want second.

The way to creating the business growth and income you desire quickly, is through first communicating energetically with the Universe what you want, and then allowing for the way to be shown. Inside tW+tW, you'll become a master at allowing for the unfolding of what you want in as little time as possible through intentional calibration followed by aligned creation.

Week 3

'Shoulding' The Bed + Profitable AF Products

The reason most businesses struggle is because their creators attempt "should" their way to success, rather than allow themselves to be intuitively guided towards it. It's time to drop the shoulds, and learn how to listen for and utilize your inner guidance system that's lighting up your path to financial overflow as we speak.

In week 3 we'll also cover the real key to creating and marketing products and services that are profitable AF. Even if your industry is saturated or sales have been slow, a simple shift in your approach is all it takes to watch the dream clients & customers start lining up to buy from you.

Week 2

'The Work' Wizardry + A Money-Maker's Mindset

What actually makes for effective action-taking, marketing approach & social media strategy is speaking specifically to the desires of your clients/customers, while being conscious of and intentional about the energy behind your words.

Inside Week 2 we'll be turning you into a marketing master, as well as specifically developing your money-maker's mindset-- because manifesting as a business owner is about so much more than just manifesting in general.

Week 4

The Simplicity of Success

In our final week together we'll talk about the simple yet game-changing practice that'll eradicate the sticky energy that's been slowing down the arrival of your every desire in your business, and create ease and flow in both your energy and action-taking.

Manifesting your next-level results isn't about being in constant belief. It's about feeling good about your business as often as possible. In week 4, I'm going to give you the super simple and fast-tracked process for doing just that.

This isn't a biz course on what you "should" do.

...with everything you need to know about combining energy + action to create the next-level life & business that you are wildly obsessed with.

The Investment

Regular price: $888

50% OFF the foundational round:
One payment of $444 or two monthly payments of $247

Enrollment closing Friday, May 28th @10PM ET
Module 1 dropping Monday, May 31st


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not a coach or online business owner. Is tW+tW still suitable for me?

A: Yes! The Work & The Woo has been designed for all business owners, no matter their niche, industry or business model. We'll be discussing marketing and mindset principals as they apply to ALL businesses, regardless of what you're selling.

Q: When do we start?

A: Module 1 will happen live inside tW+tW Facebook group on Monday, May 31st at 2:30PM ET. If you're not able to join us live, the replay will be up directly after the livestream for you to work through at whatever time best suits you.

Q: I'm new to my business, will tW+tW benefit me?

A: YES! In fact, I wish I'd known what I teach inside The Work & The Woo at the beginning of my business, because it would have saved me almost a year of frustration, not to mention tens of thousands in investments that I didn't get a return on.

Q: What if I'm already a ways into my business? Is The Work & The Woo too preliminary for me?

A: Nope. This course has been designed to meet you wherever you're at, no matter your current goals or income level. Whether you're just getting started, even just thinking about getting started, or already doing 6-figures in your biz, tW+tW is for you if you have a desire to scale your income through effectively combining energy and action-taking in order to manifest your next-level vision of success.

Q: When will the next round be?

A: Good question. My group courses often launch once every 6-12 months, so the next round most likely won't be until the end of 2021 at the earliest, and for the full-price (as opposed to the foundational round special pricing being offered this one time only). If this round is calling to you, trust it! There's a very good reason that you're here and that you're reading this now.

Q: I have more questions, can we chat first?

A: Of course! You can shoot me a text or voice message via Instagram DMs @laurencsaunders, or email me at


Success is both spiritual & physical