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An exclusive 4-weeks of 1:1 coaching in a group setting so you can use your time at home to build your online biz & set yourself free financially.

Now's not the time to be quiet and hide away from your business goals that a week ago were driving you forward. NOW is the time to show up as the leader you are, and thrive when the worlds need you to most.

We're living in a time of uncertainty, and it's making you realize how ready you are to work full-time for yourself. 

At this uncertain time, you have two choices: to fall into fear, or to trust the Universe and it's Divine plan-- embracing the opportunity to focus your time & energy into growing an online business that 'pandemic-proofs' your income.

The world is changing, and we're about to see an influx of people joining the entrepreneurial landscape.

Over these next 4 weeks, I'm discounting my services as a business coach by 50% in this one-time only 'mini-mastermind', to help those who are wanting to spend their time at home working on their online business, with the support & know-how needed to move towards their goals powerfully and with intention.

This too, shall pass. And when it does, it's up to you whether you're better off because of it, or not. The Universe hasn't forgotten your vibrational set-point. You are still creating your reality with every thought, decision & action.

Now more than ever is the time to choose success, empowerment, community & freedom. I'm here to help you make that happen.

You're ready to...

  • x

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You're eager for the guidance needed to grow your business while you spend time at home.

In the next 4 weeks, you're ready to...

  • Go full-time in your business, making amazing money doing work you feel absolutely called to do in a way only YOU can do it (seriously, your inner voice is screaming at you for a reason!)

  • Gain the freedom to do what you want, when you want, from wherever you want by becoming your own boss

  • Blow the lid off what's possible for you, your business and your bank account

  • Create your life completely by your own design-- no more asking for permission to do the things you really want to do

  • Know the exact steps you need to take to get you from where you currently are, to where you truly desire to be

  • Become a marketing pro while implementing with confidence the strategy needed to build your biz for years to come

  • Become unstoppable at bringing your money-making ideas to life and getting abundantly compensated for it

Here's what I'm personally So. Incredibly. Grateful for...

A few years ago, I'm not sure how I would have coped with something like COVID-19 and the effect it's having on how we get from day to day. My income relied on schools being open, on clients being able to come receive and pay for my services, and I never had more than $1000 in savings if I was lucky. I remember the stress I endured any time I encountered an obstacle when it came to making money, and I'm spending a lot of time right now thinking about people who are where I used to be, and feeling for them and the anxiety they must be dealing with.

At first, I wondered if I should cancel all my launches for the foreseeable future and encourage people to focus on meeting their essential needs. Then I realized-- this, like all economic and emotional downturns, will be a turning point for millions of people who, through the struggle we're currently faced with, decide they deserve better for themselves. Who decide to build a life and business where they're in control of their income and have the cash flow to take a couple months or more off work, if and when they need to do so.

It's because of the success of my online business (and the coaches who helped me in creating it) that I feel at ease in this time of great uncertainty. I have complete control over my ability to make money, as well as the savings I need to take a break if need be. This is the freedom and peace of mind that what I want for you too. And with the foreseeable future involving a lot of time at home for most of us, why not use that time to change your life for the better in the midst of all the craziness?

How this exclusive 4-week mastermind is gonna go down...

We'll start your intensive with a 75-minute 1:1 video coaching call where we'll get clear on your business goals for 2020 (hitting your first $10K month, going full-time, working your business from anywhere) and then work backwards to create the plan of attack to get you there.

Lifetime access to all mastermind materials, livestream modules and group call replays.

8X60-Minute Group Coaching Calls

Every Tuesday and Thursday for four weeks, we'll have a 60-minute group coaching call via Zoom where you can ask your specific business questions, create action-plans and get help with designing a customized marketing strategy that makes sense for your individual income goals. The times of these calls will move around to accommodate a variety of schedules & time zones. These calls will be recorded and replays made available so you can continuously reference the advice & coaching you personally received.

A Facebook Group & Group Chat

We need community right now more than ever. During the 4 weeks of our mini-mastermind, you'll gain members-only access to our program Facebook group and an accompanying Voxer group chat, so that your mastermind family and the love & support they offer is never more than a text or group post away.

The Facebook group will also be home to the four livestream modules that'll take place every Monday morning.

4 Exclusive Livestream Modules

In addition to the 1:1 and group coaching, the mastermind will be comprised of 4 weekly modules on the following topics:

  1. x

  2. x

1:1 Coaching on Topics Including:


Ongoing Access to & Inspiration From Your Mastermind Fam

'Social Distancing' is a lot more fun when you've got people to do it with. This group of entrepreneurs

Have we met yet?

Hey beautiful, I'm Lauren. I'm a business coach for modern entrepreneurs who have big dreams, and an even bigger desire to manifest those dreams into reality.

I'm here to provide you with the mindset strategies that *actually* work, re-programming your subconscious and turning you into a literal magnet for the financial outcomes you desire, while also implementing the marketing strategies and tech know-how that will draw in your dream clients & customers with ease.

Two years ago I left a teaching career that I had 12 years invested into after discovering that quite literally, thoughts become things. I woke up to the unlimited possibility and abundance that each of us can gain access to by learning to align our thoughts and energy with our desired success.

The only problem was that even after spending thousands of dollars on coaches, Facebook ads, fancy marketing schemes and professional photos, I'd made next to nothing in my business.

I spent every spare minute and dollar I had for almost a year, being nothing short of obsessed with manifesting my success at all costs, only to come up empty-handed. I was frustrated, depleted, stressed and perplexed. BUT I was also stubborn AF, and I remained determined regardless of many months spent failing and flailing.

Why did I struggle to create results at first? Because you don't manifest what you want-- you manifest who you're being; and simply put, I hadn't learned how to BE and become the version of me who could attract the success I so desperately desired.

It sounds obvious, but most entrepreneurs are thinking thoughts and taking action that's aligned with their current reality, NOT the one they want. By finally learning how to (quickly) step into the energy of my own success, the results began pouring in and I quantum-leapt my way into a life and business I'm literally obsessed with.

Flash-forward another year, and my financial, physical and emotional reality has flipped so many times I've lost count. I started hitting consistent 5-figure+ months in my business, went from 1-2 participants signing up for my programs and courses to 25, spent the winter travelling Italy and now am living in my dream condo in Toronto, working with clients from all over the world. Most days,
I'm quite honestly in awe and appreciation of the life I've created for myself-- and as cliche as it sounds, if I can do it then you absolutely can, too. In this 4-week one-time-only mastermind, I'm going to help you do just that.

  • Left my career as a teacher (freedom and unlimited possibility were calling my name!)

  • Retired my first business after I began hitting regular 5-figure months online

  • Temporarily packed up my life in Toronto to travel Italy and the UK for the winter while working my business from anywhere-- just because I could (I love you Canada but your frigid winters just aren't for me)

  • Began hitting consistent $20K months in my online business through implementing the mindset work and marketing strategies we'll cover inside the mastermind

  • Moved back to Toronto and into the condo of my dreams (I still can't believe my "office" view of the city is real, and that I get to both live & work in this beautiful space)

  • Manifested a life of location freedom, time & financial abundance-- not to mention a business and career I'm over the moon in love with & passionate about

  • Created a day-to-day life where I get to do my soul's work with clients I adore, and getting abundantly compensated for it-- if there's one thing I wish everyone could experience, it's THIS. Life's too short to be anything less than lit the F up.

Since implementing the mindset & marketing strategies you'll get inside this 4-week mini mastermind, I've...

The Investment


One payment of  $347

Or two bi-weekly payments of  $189


 **Only 12 spots available 

**prices listed in USD

ready to rise

are you

You are now, more than ever, the creator of your own reality.


Choose prosperity, choose success & choose freedom-- while granting yourself the help you need in order to make it happen.


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Ready to quantum leap into your life-changing success in 2020?