Hey girl, I see you there -

  • You've been working for months on your online business goals, and you have dreams of the type of fulfillment and freedom it will grant you once the clients & sales start pouring in (but right now, that's still just a dream)

  • You've got your website up, you're all over Facebook & Instagram and just can't WAIT for all the success and abundance to start coming your way

  • You’ve possibly worked with a coach or three before and booked a client or two, done every free training there is out there and stayed focused on your vision, but it feels like nothing is happening


You’re committed to your success no matter what it takes, but you’d be quite happy for it to start showing up sooner rather than later.


  • You desire to share your programs and products with motivated clients, and are more than ready to start making some serious money.

  • You dream of being able to make a BIG impact on the lives of countless others, and truly live life on your own terms in the process.

  • You know it’s your time to manifest the time and financial freedom that you truly deserve.

I know first hand the many ups and downs of the roller-coaster ride that is finding success in your business.

With a history of successful business pursuits including building a full-time income in my at-home business within 6 months, growing a YouTube following of 15,000 people, building one of the fastest-growing MLM teams in Ontario, writing and publishing my own book, and being a long-time paid artist (among a few other hundred business endeavours, but I'll spare

you the time) I know exactly what it takes

to build a successful business. I also know hard it can be to keep going and hold the faith when it feels like you're pouring heart and soul into your goals but getting nowhere.

After getting a knack for all things at-home business, I found myself regularly giving mindset & marketing advice to other female entrepreneurs about creating the type of life and business they wanted, through sharing what had worked for me. Becoming a mindset & success coach now allows me to empower other women to make huge things happen in their businesses so that they too can live a life by their own design.

It wasn't always this way, though. After countless quests to find success in my coaching business (program and product launches, constructing sales funnels, online trainings, ad campaigns, custom website design and book releases) I’ve experienced IT ALL. And I know first hand what works, and what doesn't.


Towards the beginning of my coaching business I spent 3 straight months working with a coach on a fancy sales funnel that cost me $40/day in ad spend and resulted in precisely zero new clients in the 6-weeks I had it online for. I thought I was doing everything right too.


I had gotten REAL serious about my goals, poured a TON of time, energy and money into turning those goals into reality, only to watch the whole thing flop. It was incredibly frustrating, stress-inducing and all around discouraging. The logic-based side of my brain told me to call it quits and stick to what I knew… but that’s really just not who I am.


I picked myself back up, brushed off my bruised ego and continued on towards my goals.

After all, success in any business doesn’t come without a bump in the road (or twenty).


After a lot of exploration, I realized that no matter my efforts, my success couldn’t show up unless I made some serious shifts in my mindset in order to align myself with my desired results. I became aware of the limiting beliefs I still had, the doubts and fears I was indulging in, and started to recognize how they were manifesting in my business (or lack thereof!).


I created a new course of action with a few key changes to my approach where my thoughts were concerned, and declared my success to be a non-negotiable.


I followed my intuition, fed myself full of positive and empowering thoughts and learned the marketing strategies that would actually serve my business goals and what I wanted to achieve.


I designed a new program I loved and felt excited about, started podcasting and sharing my experiences and insights in every way I could. I spent time connecting with like-minded women on a whole new level and talked to everyone I could find about what had worked for them. I designed and launched online workshops on the topics of mindset and manifestation, became next-level obsessed with learning the mindset tools and strategies of successful entrepreneurs and began feeling my way to the outcomes and success I’d been envisioning for years.

Today I’m a full-time entrepreneur (earning twice the income I was making as a teacher!) and am grateful to spend my days working with ambitious spiritual entrepreneurs from all over the world. I have complete freedom over my work schedule and have coached clients while on vacation in places like New York City and Mauritius.

My next step? Moving out of my apartment in Toronto and heading to Italy for 6 months with no current plans to return anytime soon. A dream I've had for years that is now manifesting before my eyes.

Trust me, I get it -

Imagine for a moment that everything you’ve envisioned for your business and your lifestyle has become a reality.


You’re working your business and living life on your OWN TERMS. Earning the money you want, travelling when you want, putting your time and energy into only that which truly lights you up. A world of possibilities is available to you now that you’re in control of how you spend your time and how you earn your money.

This is ALL possible for you, and more. You just need to up-level your mindset, learn how to align your thoughts, actions and energy with your desired outcomes, and find the business building strategies that work for YOU so that you can manifest the results you know you deserve to experience.


The question is: are you ready to dive into your business, embody the 6-figure version of YOU and manifest the results you deserve?


The Program:

A 6-month 1:1 mindset & marketing program for modern online service-based entrepreneurs.

Over the course of 25 weeks, I work one-on-one with ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to level-up in every area of their business. We start by rewiring your brain for success, removing blocks, limiting beliefs and past constraints while also building the programs, funnels, online presence and necessary marketing strategies so that you can grow your business, hit your income goals and start living the freedom lifestyle.


This is the perfect program for you if:


  • You’re ready to learn how to TRULY align with the results you wish to see manifest in your business

  • You want help with designing your signature group & 1:1 programs, attracting your dream clients, creating products, marketing materials and a personalized sales funnels

  • Phrases like “email nurture sequences”, “Facebook ad campaigns” and “automated webinar trainings” both excite and sometimes confuse you (don't worry, whatever camp you're in I've got you covered)

  • You’re not willing to settle for anything less than an incredible life and mega results in your business

  • You value guidance, accountability and structure that will transform you into the most productive person you know

  • You’re tired of going it alone, and are ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with someone who can guide you through the process of building your dream business and letting in the results you truly desire

  • You’re willing to do whatever it takes because your success is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. Period.

This program is a private 1:1 coaching program that will be 100% catered to you and

your business goals. However here is a taste of the things we’ll achieve together:

Master your mindset for success



Without having your brain on board, you will block the outcomes and success that you’re working so hard for. Your thoughts are either working to attract everything you want, or working to repel it, it’s that simple. Sometimes all it takes is some minor tweaks, and sometimes a complete mindset overhaul is in order. Either way, we’ll have you thinking your way to mega results in no time.

Mastering your mindset for success involves:

  • Up-levelling your money mindset so that you attract it easily & effortlessly

  • Learn the strategies I use in my business to instantly align my thoughts and energy so that the results I want manifest effortlessly

  • Uncovering the blocks that have kept you stuck for far too long so that you can finally blow the lid off your business goals and manifest some serious results up in here!

  • Creating and implementing daily practices catered to you that will turn you into a magnet for the success and income you’re so ready to let in

  • Start to think the way wildly successful people think so that producing big results becomes second nature to you

There is no question about it: achieving energetic alignment with that which you wish to see manifest in your business trumps every "proven" marketing strategy or sales tactic there is out there. We'll build effective (and custom) marketing strategies on top of an aligned mindset so that you effortlessly attract the success you're so ready for.

Uncover the confident & unstoppable 6-figure version of you


Results come not as a direct result of what you're doing, but rather the type of person you're being. It's time to become the most badass and unstoppable version of yourself. Building on your brand new success-magnet mindset, we’ll design customized strategies and practices that will have you leap over constraints (such as lack of confidence, doubts and fears) that have slowed you down or stopped you in the past.

As your coach, your goals are my goals. That means that it's my job to make sure you feel confident & empowered in working to achieve your goals. By the end of the program you'll be able to channel your inner Biz Queen on the drop of a dime and continue producing big results.

Channel your inner Biz Queen and become unstoppable by:

  • Embodying the 6-figure version of YOU in a way that allows you to see new pathways for action where there were only walls before

  • Know exactly where you get stopped in reaching your goals so that you can move forward powerfully no matter what you challenges you come up against

  • Gain the confidence you need to do #allthethings you secretly want to do in your business (I’m talking sharing your message, writing books, releasing podcasts, recording videos… WHATEVER you want to do in your business that you’ve stopped yourself from doing) without worrying about the opinions of others

  • Removing the constraints placed on you through your past experiences so that you no longer have to struggle your way to seeing results

Create an action plan & marketing strategy that's catered to your business

PERSONALIZED MARKETING STRATEGIES WILL BREATH LIFE INTO YOUR BUSINESS (you won't find any cookie-cutter strategies in this program).


Does your head spin when you think about what marketing strategy to use for your business? It's no wonder, with program design, e-resources, sales funnels, ad campaigns, Facebook ads, social media content & email campaigns are just some of the many ways to attract new clients. Depending on your unique goals for your business, we will create a plan of attack that includes the structures, funnels and resources you will need to attract your soulmate client, build the foundation of your business and ensure your ongoing success.

Create your personalized marketing plan of attack by:

  • Deciding what marketing strategies best suit your business and will be most effective in bringing in new clients

  • Designing and setting up: webinars and live trainings, Facebook ads and business pages, free challenges and resources, Facebook group for connecting and creating community with your ideal clients, setting up email nurture sequences and subscription lists

  • Choosing where you'd like to be with your business in four months, and then reverse-engineering the steps to get there through your weekly and monthly action plan

Make crazy progress in no time by up-levelling your productivity


Does it sometimes feel like you're working like crazy and yet, nothing is happening? Or are you finding that you're in-and-out of the zone for weeks at a time, causing your business growth to be huge some months and non-existent the next? There's no time to spare when it comes to manifesting the 6-figure kickass version of you and turning your dreams into reality. Getting to that next-level of productivity where you're hitting crazy goals, building programs and resources like it's nobody's business and still leaving yourself plenty of time to binge-watch your favourite Netflix show (even if you have a full-time job) is a skill that can be learned.

We'll turn you into the most productive person around so that you can hit your big goals faster by:

  • Spending your time and effort only on the things that are going to launch your biz forward, fast

  • Aligning your goals and action plan with doing things that truly light you up (no more spending hours on things you hate) so you're excited and motivated to get up and get going

  • Identifying where you're unknowingly giving your time to things that aren't helping you reach your goals

  • Becoming the scheduling-QUEEN; it sounds boring, but scheduling effectively is truly the key to having it ALL with time left to spare



A year ago I left my 9-5 job as a teacher in order to build the business and life of my dreams, and now I have the divine privilege to work with spiritual entrepreneurs from all over to propel them towards the life they truly desire.


It's the most incredible feeling, and now that I'm here I can't imagine doing anything else.


My clients are the type of women who are beyond ready to manifest their biggest business goals through customized strategy, proven mindset practices and taking massive inspired action while standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a coach who believes in them and what they're out to create in the world.

Hey there, I'm Lauren

The truth is, you weren't meant to go it alone, and trying to figure it out by yourself leaves you often feeling doubtful that what you want is even possible. Working with a coach provides the structure, support and strategy to have you be unstoppable in achieving anything you set your mind to. The best part is that in the process you guarantee your success because you know exactly what to do and how to do it. No more guessing games.

Whatever you need to turn your business dreams into reality, I'm your girl.

Here's what you'll get in the program:

  • 6 months (24 weeks) of unlimited 1:1 support

  • 1 X 90-minute 1:1 Zoom coaching call at the beginning of your program to kick things off in a big way

  • 23 X 50-minute 1:1 Zoom coaching calls throughout our time together

  • A personalized and easy to follow week-by-week action plan aligned with getting you to your goals quickly

  • Unlimited email access which includes copy edits, program & website input and collaboration efforts-- whatever you need, I'm there

  • Access to the tools and resources I have personally used to build my business, including templates and how-to videos on specific topics

  • Accountability structures that will ensure you're always moving forward

"Lauren was a huge asset in helping me launch my first eBook and in creating my group coaching program. My book launch far exceeded my expectations and brought in multiple 5-figures in sales in it's first weekend through a variety of marketing strategies we implemented together. I was also thrilled to sell out my first ever group coaching program shortly after the book launch. First we brainstormed some ideas on what the program would look like, what resources I already had available and what resources I could add enhance the program. She then helped me structure the program by creating a weekly outline and fine tuning the details of the resources. Having her help through this process boosted my confidence in what I was offering and prevented me from undercharging. The launch of both my book and coaching program was a huge success and I’m more excited than ever to expand on my online offerings."


Jeannine Elder

Health Coach & YouTuber


"For those of you considering working with Lauren Saunders - I do 1:1 coaching with Lauren and have been since early May 2018. When I initially started with Lauren I was motivated but lost, fearful but ready for the next step and I lacked direction into what to put my energy into. It's been a couple months now working with Lauren and I have found my direction, we are working TOGETHER to take these steps and I feel so supported by someone who really cares about me and my success. One of the things that really attracted me to Lauren was her authenticity and her ability to be real and to be straight with me that she wasn't perfect and that she didn't know all the answers but she sure as hell was going to work hard to find them and to help me be successful. I really feel I am working with someone who not only supports me daily BUT who genuinely is interested in my success and who believes in me sometimes even more than I do in myself.

Sonia Narvaez

Entrepreneur, MPH


  • Unlimited voice-messaging and text support via Voxer (a free messaging app) so that the support you need is always just a voice-clip away ($2000 value over the 6-month period)

  • A 50-minute follow-up coaching call within eight weeks of completing our contract together to support you and your next steps, or assist in moving past any challenges that have come up for you ($200 value)

  • Access to all of my program and course content, templates and business tools, including FUNnels 101 (a $5000 value)

  • A promotional post to my 8000 Instagram followers (optional) at any time during your program to help bring awareness to your message and brand ($190 value)

Plus these bonuses:

"Working with Lauren was life-changing! I’m a business school grad, and I’ve read every book about entrepreneurship that I could get my hands on. I felt like I was hiding behind the need for more theoretical knowledge though. Lauren empowered me to transform from being a “planner” into being a “doer”. Within the three months that I worked with her I took action on so many things that I was procrastinating on: I launched my website, wrote half of my book, and booked my plane ticket to California.  I will definitely work with Lauren again in the future. Every athlete needs a coach, and the same goes for entrepreneurs! Every entrepreneurship needs a coach, and I highly recommend Lauren as a business coach! She’s dedicated, she’s inspiring, and she’s committed to helping your crazy ideas become a reality!"

Alessandra Naomi

Health Coach

By the end of our six months together you will have:

  • Mastered your mindset for success, abundance and productivity. This is yours forever, and will be your biggest asset in achieving mega success for the rest of your life

  • Identified your biggest constraints and limiting beliefs and learned how to overcome them

  • Developed a no-mess money mindset that effortlessly attracts wealth and abundance to you in each of your entrepreneurial pursuits

  • Mastered the art of scheduling and time efficiency, allowing you to create balance in your work and personal life while propelling you towards your goals

  • Created a clear vision of EXACTLY where you're headed with your business, along with step-by-steps actions on how to continue moving powerfully towards your goals

  • Created the foundation of your business, including sales funnels, resources, social media content, website design and more

  • Set up your key marketing strategies that effortlessly attract new clients on a consistent and predictable basis

  • Become a content & resource-creating machine so that you are consistently connecting with and attracting your dream clients

  • Designed your brand & gotten clear on the message you put across throughout your online presence

  • FOUND YOUR STRIDE. The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to you and your goals.

The investment

$8,000 USD paid in full


6 monthly payments of $1450 USD

Are you ready to create the success you desire ?

"There are so many good things to say about Lauren as my coach, I barely know where to begin! For starters, I was instantly drawn to her captivating energy - she truly has this radiant personality that you can't help but love...  And she REALLY knows her stuff!  Her passion for helping women entrepreneurs step into their "CEO selves", as she likes to say, truly shines through on every single 1:1 call.


Not only is she everything you'd expect from a coach - punctual, extremely organized, intelligent, and business savvy - but she also has "X factor" coming out of her ears!  


She holds space for you when you're needing a boost; she somehow knows EXACTLY what to say and when to say it in order for you to experience breakthroughs and see massive results in your business; she has this bottomless pit of resources on hand to whip out and e-mail you when you're struggling with something specific; she's compassionate and gentle in her coaching approach but also gives you the accountability you need when your ego attempts to keep you safe in your comfort zone; she's a total goofball (in the best sense!) when the situation calls for it; I could literally go on and on about amazing this woman is as a coach and a friend.


I was extremely impressed with her incredible work ethic right off the bat - I would find myself thinking (often!) "how does Lauren get so much done in a day??".  She had other clients during the four months we worked together, but she has this way of making you feel like you are her only client.  I can tell that her heart and soul goes in to her work and she enjoys her job so much that you can't help but start to embody that energy as well - which is a HUGE benefit when growing a business.


Her signature combo of mindset mastery & marketing know-how is EXACTLY what I needed in order to find myself outside of my comfort zone kicking ass with numerous live videos to my ideal clients (increasing my confidence as an expert in my niche), growing a facebook group, growing an e-mail list, and building out my very first group program - - all from the ground up!  She was there to guide me and lift me up the entire time.


Everything from marketing funnels to deep, healing mindset work around my limiting beliefs in business - she covers it all and then some... leaving you feeling like your success is TRULY inevitable.


One of my favorite reminders from Lauren is "Success is a place to come FROM, not a place to get to."  We focused a lot on mindset as well as Law of Attraction (which I quickly became obsessed with).  I can confidently say that, although I had many quantifiable "wins" in my business while we worked together, the most impactful manifestation for my life and business this year was crossing paths with Lauren and saying YES to her as my coach.  


The investment in her as a 1:1 mindset & marketing coaching is 110% worth it and if you're ever finding yourself on the fence about hiring her, PLEASE take the plunge and just do it - you will know after your first call that you made the right decision."

Chrissy Martin

Coach, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur